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Tiger rescued from NY apt.

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Seems tigers are in the news a lot, lately...
Does anyone know if the "...wildlife refuge in Ohio..." is Tiger Haven?
(I know Tiger Haven is in TN, but the news could have gotten the state wrong...(sometimes I think NY ppl lump everything w of Appalachians and E of Mississippi river together...))


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I saw that cayman, and it was much bigger than three feet.

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Well, the article got one thing wrong, sorta kinda. They would never release a tiger in any sort of traditional wildlife preserve, since those are usually just designated land that animals can freely come and go from and they would want the tiger contained. There are numerous other big cat rescue facilities besides Tiger Haven, quite possibly one or more of which are located in Ohio.

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I spoke with someone at Tiger Haven. They are NOT the facility to where this tiger was sent. The article was correct - it was sent to a facility in Ohio.

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The only Ohio group that I could find that might match what they're talking about in the article is The Siberian Tiger Conservation Association. The site is sketchy on specifics and they imply that they are only interested in siberian tigers, but it looks like they're actually a general big cat sanctuary.

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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