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More Furry Comics

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More furry comics for March 2004 from Treesong: "Have some more. All these are $2.95 24-page black-and-white floppies
except as noted."
PAGE 207
JAN042086E Legends from Darkwood #4 (of 4) 32pg, $2.99
by Christopher Reid & John Kantz
'The exciting end to the "Unicorn Hunters" mini-series! Rose and Ira's schemes backfire, leaving a fire-breathing unicorn to immolate and perforate the citizens of Unicorntown!'

PAGE 214
JAN042130E Sonic the Hedgehog #134 32pg, color, $2.19
JAN042131E Sonic the Hedgehog #135 32pg, color, $2.19
#134 by Karl Bollers, Jon Gray, & Michael Higgins, etc.
Two stories, one concluding a Sonic-goes-away epic, one in the "Mobius, 25 Years Later" series. #135 by Romy Chacon, Art Mawhinney, & Jim Amash, etc. 'Three titanic tales in one issue!' How can they be titanic with 1/3 less space apiece?

PAGE 230
JAN042202J Book of Leviathan hc, 10x7, 160pg, $11.98
'Sale! Was $23.95! Levi, a faceless baby, his stuffed bunny and his friend Cat, live in a world that can literally change at the stroke of a pen. Endowed with an unusual interest in metaphysics and philosophy but confused by adult behavior, the infant Levi investigates life's great mysteries. Wonderful combinations of varying techniques and color.' The text says 'SC, 10x7, 64 pgs, PC SRP: $9.99' but there's only one edition and it's as I say above; the $11.98 is what my dealer's charging. Matt Groening has written 'Peter Blegvad's comic strip is one of the
greatest, weirdest things I've ever stared at.' Oh, yes. It doesn't feel extremely furry, though the talking cat is almost as big a character as Levi, but I'd personally rank it above any other furry item this month,
including *Finder* #34 and the two Blacksad graphic novels. Of course, you do have to like weird stuff. For some sample strips and sequences, in a one-panel-per-page
presentation, see Check out 'Levi searches for his lost parents' in the archives, a marvelous adaptation of a Nez Percé myth. One of my favorites, not included there: Levi is tied to a track as an enormous, impressively detailed train rushes toward him, only yards away. Levi: 'Crikey! If this cartoon was animated, I'd be a goner!' Cat: 'Just keep perfectly still!'

PAGE 327
JAN042728F Spongebob Squarepants Cine-Manga volume 4 (Of 4): Crime and
Funishment gn sc, 5x7, 96pg, $7.99
by Steven Hillenburg
'A crime wave hits the underwater town of Bikini Bottom, and SpongeBob SquarePants is right in the middle of it! As if "borrowing" balloons with his best friend Patrick and trying to cover up accidentally killing the health inspector at the Krusty Krab wasn't bad enough, SpongeBob gets his boat stolen by his boating instructor and has to fighting evil
with the aging Mermaidman. No matter what, you can count on SpongeBob SquarePants to be at the center of all the action!'


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