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More New Online Comic Series!

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The Cyantian Chronicles has expanded once again with the completion of the last Satin & Silk arc.

There are three on-line comics: Altered States, Cesilee's Diary, and Sink or Swim. Click on "Read More" to get the details.

Now, we bring you Altered States, updated weekly on Tuesdays!

Compare and contrast: Cass, a Rabbit princess, turned prince by a father who thinks he's a god and forced to live as he wills; Raume, a young Ram, outcast from his own kind due to diluted bloodlines and in control of his life... at a much too young age.

Altered States

Cesilee's Diary, updated on Thursdays!

Welcome to Cesilee's Diary, updated by Cesilee, the Ocelot. She has a few odd quirks and likes, ... and roommates! Ness and Phoenix don't know what they're getting into with such an outwardly shy,... controlled,... boring,... roommate.

Cesilee's Diary

And the return of Sink or Swim, Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Fight or Flee, Hide or Seek, Sink or Swim. A group of modified Cyantian Kangaroos traveling the galaxy, unable to fit in with their own kind and searching for their own place in their universe.

Sink or Swim


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