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Furry Site to Release Audio Theater piece

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On Wednesday, March 24th, TrekWars: The Furry Conflict will officially release it's first installment of fully scored, effects mixed and voiced pieces of Audio Theater pieces based on the written storyline of The Furry Conflict. It's the result of over a year of work by many talented voice and sound artists, and will be available at that time for download from Be sure to have your speakers up and working for the big day!A long time ago between two galaxies far, far different than the ones you know . . .

You may know Star Trek, and you may know Star Wars, but you've never known them like this before! Listen, laugh and experience the world of The Furry Conflict as it takes shape and a new era for both galaxies begins. Between the efforts of the intrepid crew of the USS FELIX and a daring band of Rebel insurgents, neither world will ever be the same again!


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