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Furry radio play 'Fursona Non Grata' to première at Wild Nights 2013

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Jeff Goode is back in action in the Furry fandom again. Jeff, who is known for his series Jake Long: American Dragon and his anthro play The Eight: Reindeer Monologues, is coming out with a new play for the fandom. Fursona Non Grata will be offered as a radio play and will premiere to the fandom at Wild Nights in Oklahoma’s Robber’s Cave State Park, April 25-29 2013.

Fursona Non Grata is about a person who is whisked away on what would have been a special night with his girlfriend to finally meet her unusual family and all the drama that family has going on that night.

The play is to join other activities over the Wild Nights weekend. These include performances by GoH Husky in Denial, art and panel events with GoH FireFeathers, and art and writing panels with GoHs Larry Dixon and Mercedes Lackey. GoH Buddy will be keeping attendees happy and entertained. The con also includes 6-8 meals and free lodging and tent space with your paid pre-registration. Workshops in leather crafting, an off-site firearms event, the Furry Drama Show and – new for this year – a Beer Brewing panel will also be found.

Wild Nights has also premièred two other musical plays, by Rhubarb The Bear: Julie Bunny Must Die and Fosgate: Ferret Loan Officer.


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