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Hacked repeater brings furry podcast FurCast to FM radio

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The Lift FM

Are furry podcasts unsuitable for breakfast? FM listeners in Colorado sure thought so!

On the morning of April 5, Denver-area FM station KIFT 106.3 "The Lift" suffered a broadcast signal intrusion on a relay station serving a remote valley. Instead of Bruno Mars, listeners in Breckenridge, Colorado were treated to Paradox Wolf, Fayroe and friends.

Denver station KCNC-TV "CBS 4" contacted The Lift for an explanation, and were told they send programing from their studio to four transmitters via the Internet. Somehow, the Breckenridge repeater K258AS (99.5 FM) was compromised, and someone had spliced in Furcast Episode 224 in place of The Lift.

Thankfully, the primary FM and webcasts of both The Lift and Furcast.FM / XBN were unaffected, but a large amount of NSFW programming, including swearing, was broadcast without censorship for several hours, with The Lift's engineers unable to kill the studio/transmitter link remotely.

On FurCast's end, their server saw a gradual rise in connections to its podcast archive (used on its website and iOS and Android apps for listeners) from 06:00 AM EDT onwards, until they were able to temporarily disable access at 02:30 PM EDT. The archives have since come back online at a new address, with a long list of blocked IP addresses to prevent a recurrence.

BBC's 'Why Factor' talks anthro animals with Cambridge furs

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BBC World Service Why Factor: Animals Are Us Journalist Maria Margaronis interviewed furry fans at a Cambridge Furs meet last month for next week's episode of The Why Factor, a programme exploring "the extraordinary and hidden histories behind everyday objects and actions" through the voices of those involved.

In stories, cartoons, advertisements and our everyday lives, we project human thoughts and emotions onto animals—and claim their strength and style for ourselves in the brand names of cars and cosmetics. Why do we do that, and what do we get out of it? Can we ever know what animals really feel? And are we as different from other species as we like to imagine? Maria Margaronis meets the furry fandom, who put on “fursonas” and cartoonlike animal costumes to meet and socialise. Neuroscientist Bella Williams upends some assumptions about animal brains and explains how to read a mouse’s facial expression; children’s author Michael Rosen sportcasts an insect race. Farmer Helen Reeve reflects on how she feels about eating her own cows. And historian Harriet Ritvo poses a thornier question: what makes our species think we are secure in our dominance over the natural world?

The 18-minute show "Animals Are Us?", which received input from furry artists, fursuiters, fursuit-builders and other fans, is to be broadcast on the BBC World Service on Friday 24 at 18:32 and 23:32 GMT (EDT+4, BST-1), with re-broadcasts on Sunday (21:32) and Monday (04:32, 12:32).

Update (23 April): A four-minute clip featuring several furs is available (transcript below).

Update 2 (24 April): The full episode has been published. There is no additional content featuring furries, but you may find the rest interesting, as it's all about anthropomorphism.

'This Furry Life' seeks producers, writers, correspondents

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Potoroo, host of the Fuzzy Notes podcast, is developing a new podcast that models itself after NPR's This American Life with a focus on the stories of the furry fandom. Like the popular program, it will choose a theme and tell several stories based on that theme, but focused on the furry community – its people, history and culture.

Currently in its early stages, Potoroo is seeking interested furs who may want to contribute. The goal would be to create a monthly show using segments produced by members of a collective through research, interviews, and narrative audio storytelling. He is also interested in including short stories, poetry and music by members of fandom as suits the theme.

Return of the Ghost Warrior

Ten years ago furry fandom — and animation fandom in general — saw an amazing new event with the premier of Kaze: Ghost Warrior. A multi-species fantasy adventure, it was most astounding for having been financed, designed, voiced, animated, and rendered by one person. Now creator Amadhia Albee — having spent the interim as a professional effects animator — has decided the time is right for a resurrection of the warrior tiger. Kaze: Winds of Change is to be a new series of audio dramas following Kaze and his world, this time with a full crew of voice actors, musicians, and singers involved. The project has a Kickstarter campaign going — and as of this writing they have already exceeded their goal, but you can still contribute to get involved and be kept up to date.

image c. 2014 by Amadhia Albee

image c. 2014 by Amadhia Albee

2013 FBA Playoffs begin June 1

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FBA logoThe 2013 Furry Basketball Association Playoffs begin on Saturday, June 1, with a weekend of games between eight teams. Informal voting is underway to choose which games will be covered on FBA Courtside: LIVE!, a radio podcast featuring sports announcer T. Matt Latrans (Coyote) and friends bringing live coverage of FBA action.

History: Funny animals on the radio

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Woody Woodpecker portrait, by Walter LantzAmid Amidi at the Cartoon Brew presents a true rarity: a 1947 unsold half-hour recording for a children’s radio show, “Sally in Hollywoodland”. Recorded on June 3, 1947, the pilot is about a little girl who falls asleep and dreams herself into an adventure with Walter Lantz’s famous Hollywood animal cartoon characters.

This episode stars Woody Woodpecker (voice of Theodore Von Eltz), Andy Panda (Sarah Brenner), Oswald Rabbit (June Foray), Wilbur Wolf (Billy Bletcher, who was the Big Bad Wolf in Disney’s 1933 Silly Symphony), and Wally Walrus (Herb Lytton). Amidi says that the recording was discovered by Randy Riddle, and that notes show that if the pilot had sold, Sally would have continued to have adventures with the Lantz characters, not other studios’.

Furry radio play 'Fursona Non Grata' to première at Wild Nights 2013

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Jeff Goode is back in action in the Furry fandom again. Jeff, who is known for his series Jake Long: American Dragon and his anthro play The Eight: Reindeer Monologues, is coming out with a new play for the fandom. Fursona Non Grata will be offered as a radio play and will premiere to the fandom at Wild Nights in Oklahoma’s Robber’s Cave State Park, April 25-29 2013.

Colin McEnroe Show hosts furry panel on NPR

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The NPR-affiliated Colin McEnroe Show has posted a 50-minute segment on furry fandom.

Guests and callers included fandom members Chiaroscuro, TabbieWolf, Ian, Camo Husky, and Grubbs Grizzly, along with law/psychiatry lecturer Dr. Leslie Lothstein. [tip: Fenris Lorsrai]

Colin writes for the Hartford Courant, which recently reported on fursuit-related library rules. Much of the conversation focused on the appeal and transformative power of fursuits, but ponies, FurFright, antipathy against furries and the Ursa Major Awards were also brought up.

An "ex-furry" caller, Reuben, raised the risks to minors from sexual predators at conventions, but the host and guests noted that non-furry events also had a degree of 'hooking-up', while Chiaroscuro brought up the age distribution and security presence at furry events.

Chicago's WBEZ follows fursuiters at Midwest FurFest 2011

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Chicago radio station WBEZ's Jason Marck and Eilee Heikenen-Weiss today broadcast their experience of MFF 2011 on morning program Eight Forty-Eight. [tip: Iggy & Idlewild]

The eight-minute segment focused on the motivations for fursuiting, and featured interviews with Woody, Atara, Ford Shepherd and convention chair Takaza J. Wolf. Other topics included whether furry was a fetish, and the convention charity, which left with over $18,500 (video).

So a huge part of it is this kind of kid-like, unbridled joy. [...] The whole thing felt like good clean fun ... there's an overall air of [...] innocence, inclusiveness, belonging ...

Jason said he found the fandom by accident, stumbling across WikiFur while looking up Japanese comic books. MFF attracted 2600 fans this year, including 574 parade fursuiters.

Pittsburgh radio host deems Anthrocon furs 'party animals'

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Pittsburgh radio personality Jim Krenn spent some time with furries at this year's Anthrocon.

The message from 102.5 WDVE's co-host? Furries like to party. (As do the production staff)

MiDFur gains attention of regional media

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MidFur shieldAustralia's MiDFur has been noticed by reporters for local broadsheet The Age.

The article contains quotes from artist and guest of honour Stan Sakai, convention organizer CynWolfe, and a local philosopher.

Stan will also feature on Get Cereal TV and The Conversation Hour this Wednesday.

The event, now in its 12th year, is to be held this weekend in Melbourne, Victoria.

See more: MiDFur XII's trailer, venue tour and etiquette comic.

Furries to be tonight's topic on 'Your Time with Kim Iverson'

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Furry radio listeners might want to tune in to Your Time with Kim Iverson at 9PM Eastern tonight for a one-hour segment on furries, including a few minutes with Dr. Samuel Conway (Uncle Kage) on the topics of furry conventions and the fandom in general.

The syndicated talk radio show plays to a mostly adult-female demographic, and is broadcast by stations across the U.S., including Austin, Buffalo, Denver, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Memphis, Norfolk, Portland and Wichita.

Montreal furs interviewed on CBC's Première Chaîne

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French-speaking Canadian furs got their turn in the limelight earlier this year with an interview (translation) of Paws, Firebreath, Big Bad Bear and Feli in the Montreal Campus newspaper, which serves the Université du Québec à Montréal.

The article led to a sixteen-minute radio interview of Beekin, Firebreath and Ailé the Dragon, broadcast on CBC's French-language radio network Première Chaîne on 16 February (scroll to "Audio-vidéo"; starts at 0:50). [dronon/furrymedia]

Update: A transcription of the radio broadcast is now available thanks to Firebreath.

Therian calls Loveline; describes erotic side of furry

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Furries have surfaced on syndicated radio call-in show Loveline. [thanks AshMCairo]

The caller, "Cly" [spelling uncertain], said the community includes therians (who "believe that their spirits used to be animals, and thus they keep acting like animals"), "normal" furries ("people who pick an animal who they really like and act like it") and fursuiters. She claimed to be all three.

Furry reference in Grand Theft Auto VI

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Not something particularly noticeable when you’re blowing up buses, pretending to be an East European called Niko; but talk radio channel WKTT (available in most vehicles) features a delightful chap known as Richard Bastion, who’s show intro mentions a teensy bit about the furries we all know and love.

Caller: There’s these sick degenerate folks known as furries. They dress up in this cute little bunny suit with holes cut in them for penises to stick out and they pound each others heinies makin’ weird ass animal noises.

Richard Bastion: Did you hear what public television has brought to you America? Do you hear what’s happened to the children? Heinie pounding!