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Pittsburgh radio host deems Anthrocon furs 'party animals'

Edited as of Mon 15 Mar 2021 - 04:52
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Pittsburgh radio personality Jim Krenn spent some time with furries at this year's Anthrocon.

The message from 102.5 WDVE's co-host? Furries like to party. (As do the production staff)


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WDVE has a good, laid-back sense of humor about a lot of stuff. I'm fond of their parody of the local Pittsburgh accent in their fake ads for Pants 'n At (which frequently mentions musician Donnie Iris). :)

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Glad to see furries being portrayed well, more and more. I think this'll be another point of data in an upwards trend. And of course, wolf on fox. Just had to be in there somewhere. X3

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And of course, non-fursuiters were not interviewed. As usual...

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