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History: Funny animals on the radio

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Woody Woodpecker portrait, by Walter LantzAmid Amidi at the Cartoon Brew presents a true rarity: a 1947 unsold half-hour recording for a children’s radio show, “Sally in Hollywoodland”. Recorded on June 3, 1947, the pilot is about a little girl who falls asleep and dreams herself into an adventure with Walter Lantz’s famous Hollywood animal cartoon characters.

This episode stars Woody Woodpecker (voice of Theodore Von Eltz), Andy Panda (Sarah Brenner), Oswald Rabbit (June Foray), Wilbur Wolf (Billy Bletcher, who was the Big Bad Wolf in Disney’s 1933 Silly Symphony), and Wally Walrus (Herb Lytton). Amidi says that the recording was discovered by Randy Riddle, and that notes show that if the pilot had sold, Sally would have continued to have adventures with the Lantz characters, not other studios’.

The Cartoon Brew article includes a publicity picture of Lantz at the drawing board surrounding by some of his characters (presumably a generic publicity picture since the group includes Chilly Willy and Buzz Buzzard, but not Wilbur Wolf), and the complete half-hour audio recording.

This is a rare opportunity to hear a half-hour’s worth of “the Big Bad Wolf” (and Bletcher performed many other deep, gravel-voiced cartoon voices over the decades, such as sometimes Disney’s Black Pete), and June Foray before she created any of her famous roles like Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Tweety & Sylvester’s Granny.


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Sue the accountant and his firm with him. I usually despise lawsuits. This one, if the facts are correct as stated, is however perfectly legit.

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Rabbit, I think you meant to post this to the thread at :)

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Oops! I was having log-in trouble and was in a hurry. I'd just arrived home late from a long, long trip and was exhausted. I had friends over, who were making tons of noise in the background. The phone was ringing. I had food ready to come off the top of the stove. Someone was knocking on the front door, and my car alarm was going off. I was chatting online with the hottest girl I've ever known. My printer was empty and beeping at me. There was a thunderstorm, and a tornado warning was being issued. Someone was trying to serve me with legal papers I didn't want to receive. A nose-pimple was swollen, causing me considerable discomfort. I needed to use the bathroom, right _then_! People were screaming, running around in flames! Mushroom clouds were emerging from the landscape in all directions, and searing-white lights were racing across the sky. There were ambulances and fire engines, National Guard trucks, looters...


_It just wasn't my fault!_

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We all have days like that.

Fred Patten

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The weblink here for Oswald Rabbit leads primarily to Disney’s Oswald, the Lucky Rabbit that predated Lantz’s, with Lantz's Oswald seeming like little more than an afterthought. Here is more of Lantz’s Oswald.

Fred Patten

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I was a little confused myself by the seemingly quite different rabbits under the same name! I've updated the in-article link to point to the section of the article relating most directly to Lantz's Oswald.

The character's appearance and even his nature (he was once a plushie?) changed significantly over time.

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