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'This Furry Life' seeks producers, writers, correspondents

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Potoroo, host of the Fuzzy Notes podcast, is developing a new podcast that models itself after NPR's This American Life with a focus on the stories of the furry fandom. Like the popular program, it will choose a theme and tell several stories based on that theme, but focused on the furry community – its people, history and culture.

Currently in its early stages, Potoroo is seeking interested furs who may want to contribute. The goal would be to create a monthly show using segments produced by members of a collective through research, interviews, and narrative audio storytelling. He is also interested in including short stories, poetry and music by members of fandom as suits the theme.


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This is a great idea. Thanks Roo. I hope it sustains more interest than the Fuzzy Notes music blog you started (I contributed but I guess the idea didn't take off.) I think story content is much more "furry" than music, because everyone has different music taste and there isn't a lot of "furriness" to bind it. (Popularity of electronic dance just coincides with youth and alternative interests, probably.) The furry podcasts that are out there seem to have a lot of unfocused chat and filler, like "you have to know the hosts" to sustain interest... This American Life is a better model. Please share updates here ( and to me too! :)

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Yah, the Fuzzy Notes blog had it's own variety of issues, mainly being that I didn't have the time or knowledge to build the site properly and people who offered to help were very busy with other projects and things just never fell through. I've shifted the 'Fuzzy Notes' blog priority to just getting a regular Wordpress site up (abandoning all the bells and whistles I was hoping to have) and hopefully return to a 'Podcast host, Artist Profile, occasional blog' approach.

I've been bouncing this 'This American Life' modelled furry podcast around in my head for awhile, at least a year or so. I'd say for now it's going to be a work in development to see what kind of ideas a group can come up with, and whether or not people can break off for a month to get the interviews and build the stories independently.

Here's hoping :)

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Yes, I'll be interested in knowing more, too!

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This sounds like something I would definitely like to follow, or even something with which I could get involved. As a furry music artist who does not always produce mainstream-genre music, I obviously am seeking promotion, but I would also be glad to offer my labor for audio editing and production.

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Awesome :) Once I piece together a better plan for getting things off the ground, I'll get in touch! If you haven't already, please contact me via links on the blog so I can add you to my list (an email would be really helpful!)

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Heya :) If you contact me through the links in the blog it'll help me put together a list of furs who want to be involved and get the preliminary development off the ground :)

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If you'll have me, I would very VERY much like to participate. I've been active at this since 1983 -- and before that just as a fan ^^ I'm primarily a writer but I also organize.

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I'd like to interview you and Mark at some point for my history project! (Probably after New Year's, though)

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We'll be here ^^ But I'd also like to be a regular correspondent.

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Heya Mink :D

For sure :) There's an email link my blog post, so if you emailed there it would help a lot with keeping track of interest. I've found that having widespread points of communication (Twitter, Flayrah, Facebook, FA, etc.) it's easy to lose track of people who want to help with a project, so I'm hoping starting with email will fix that problem and help get off on the right foot :D

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Hey, Mink! Don't forget my history of furry conventions, which you promised to answer several questions for, several months ago. Or to get the current chair of CaliFur to answer. I'm still waiting!

Fred Patten

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I'm a South African furry, I'm interested in helping out if I can.

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I didn't know you hung out around here.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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Hehe, yeah! Got a Google+ notification that pointed me in this direction and the thought tickled my fancy. :D

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Heya Ivic-Wulfe!

Could you shoot me an email? I included the one I'm using to get this started in the blog...that way I can start getting things organized :)

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Hey all!

Anyone who's interested in the project, please contact me via the email listed in the blog I've linked to. I'm finding it hard to connect with a few of you through here so I'll be hoping furs who want to be a part of TFL (working title...already have a better one in the works) will contact me via email! :D

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Is this project still active? The link led to a dead page.

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I would not have high hopes.

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The project is very much alive. Potoroo has just been busy with some personal issues in respect to it. I'm sure if you just send a mail he'd more than accommodate!

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