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Therian calls Loveline; describes erotic side of furry

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Furries have surfaced on syndicated radio call-in show Loveline. [thanks AshMCairo]

The caller, "Cly" [spelling uncertain], said the community includes therians (who "believe that their spirits used to be animals, and thus they keep acting like animals"), "normal" furries ("people who pick an animal who they really like and act like it") and fursuiters. She claimed to be all three.

Cly went on to confirm the existence of "erotic fursuits" with "appropriate holes"; while explaining that these were not essential for her, she admitted to liking furry porn – which she described as drawings of anthropomorphic animals – and to being unable to "get off" on human porn.

When hosts suggested her furriness might be a hobby ("just something for fun"), Cly demurred, suggesting it was "a trait that you're born with." She said that furriness had helped her work through mental issues originating from her mother, and that she had been "wolf-like my entire life."

When asked if she would like to become a wolf, Cly agreed enthusiastically:

Host: Cly, let me ask you this, and be honest with me, OK.
Cly: OK.
Host: If I had some magic lamp that could turn you into a wolf, would you do it?
Cly: Yes.
Host: See, that's what I'm saying, Dr. Bruce – it's not just some little hobby.
Dr. Bruce: Yeah, it's a little more deep-seated – no, it's not.
Cly: No, see, I would love to be turned into a wolf, because I would have a tail that I could chase!

In response to a previous caller – who had apparently described a furpile as "furry group sex" – Cly explained that while this term could be used to describe such activities, they were "usually called a 'yiff-pile'." She also noted that, despite what had been suggested, furries don't try to get others to participate in their activities: "you're either born one or you're not one, there's no recruiting."

The hosts suggested it was "not just fun and games," and that Cly might have underling issues for which she should consider seeking therapy.


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Hah, I dig this collection right here. Now they just need one for /headdesk, 'cause sadly that's what I usually feel like doing when the fandom is brought up.

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So predictable. *facepaws*

?? ?????? ?????? ? ???? ?????? ??????...

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See fandom, this is why we can't have nice things.

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The Picard facepalm is all we need for this fail.

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The Picard facepalm is in that collage! In the top row. Actually, what we're missing is this one:

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Thanks to ImageShack's policy changes, this image is once more missing. Tempting to remove it in case it turns into an ad!

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"Hi! I want attention!"

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*double face palm*

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Someone REALLY wants attention. :/

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Uhhh... at what point did this person misrepresent the fandom and therian communities, wrongly describe something, use a term or definition badly, or say anything false or incorrect?

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Well, for a start, there's nothing normal about furries. ;-)

I think there was insufficient delineation of opinion and accepted fact. Maybe few disagree that furry art usually involves drawings of anthropomorphic animals; but saying that "being furry" is a trait that you're born with, and that it's not something you can "recruit" people to – these are opinions that were presented as fact.

Perhaps the caller felt they were speaking just for themselves, or for those who are therians; though they came on with the stated intent of describing "furries." More likely, they simply believe their views to be accepted facts.

Overall, you're right; they said nothing untrue, at least as far as their own definition of furry goes. Those facepalming might want to look in the mirror and ask themselves exactly how far they are from that definition.

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We who want to see the fandom and fandom-friendly works become somewhat more prevalent in society serve two masters: although I would think that many of us would put therians, sexual fursuiters etc. in the "Not That There's Anything Wrong With That" classification when making statements within the domain of the fandom, in order to accomplish certain those goals, we seem to also need to ameliorate the discomforts of society at large when discussing the fandom externally. Whether it is necessary for us to issue put-downs of therians, sexual fursuiters, etc. is debatable (as we collectively from time to time do), but I think that what isn't debatable is that any sort of furry who does not know how to handle the media—especially in potentially hostile territory—is not helping anyone by running his or her mouth. (NOTE: No, I haven't listened to the clip yet: I'm still gathering the fortitude to do so.)

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I was listening to Q101 (a local station) when this girl called and I still can't believe that she called in. When she called, I wanted to PUKE. I wanted to call in but decided against it. I saw no way to get around being called a creep and accused of defending deviants. How come when someone tries to make us not appear as freaks, someone comes along and drags us down? I had to turn off the radio after that.

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Because a lot of us are freaks? :-)

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But there are things that you just don't say to the general public. Coming right out about it is just a way of getting attention. Personaly, I don't say it until someone figures it out or asks.

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I think someone who we didn't get to hear had called in with misinformation that needed to be corrected.

That said, there was certainly a lot of information volunteered that could have done with more context.

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The problem is though, everyone's opinion on what is a furry and how they are a furry is going to vary big time.
Some people are in it because they feel spiritually attached to their fursona, others for art, sexual reasons, etc.
So depending on what the reason is, your opinion on furries is going to change big time. For some people it is just a hobby, for others it isn't.

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The bit I liked best was when "therians" was misheard as "furrians". Made me chuckle. That and the tail-chasing.

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You have to admit though, being able to chase your tail all day without any worries of any kind would be fun :)

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ike facepalm Pictures, Images and Photos

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I must apologize this is my fault... well... sort of...

On a recent LJ post I was still going into debates on the gun crap, and I pleaded that someone go onto some show somewhere and that we're all about sex so that we can have something new to bitch about.

Didn't think someone would actually do it...

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Do you have any proof that you are linked to this? Any supporting evidence or anything rather than just a vague possible link?

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Was joking, but here is the link to the post I made on March 21st:

TL;DR last sentence is; "Now please, can someone go on some talk show somewhere and make the fandom look like a bunch of sex fiends so I have something simple to analyze to death and something else to talk about. Sheesh, I can't believe I have to ask."

It was a joking sarcastic statement and not a request. Obviously someone took it as one, or fate just laughed and said "Alright... sure."

It's just a very odd coincidence, not saying it's fact.

Like as if by simply joking about it, made it occur, like saying BeetleJuice 3 times summons him. Some who are more superstitious would blame me for summoning up the event by joking about it.

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I really don't think that even joking about that is a good thing. The human race doesn't have the best track record.

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"I believe I've found the missing link between animal and civilized man. It is us."--Konrad Lorenz

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But if the human race isn't being stupid? What would there be to laugh about?

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Here's a question:
If pretending to be an animal in your free time is something that means 'one has issues.'
then doesn't one have issues pretending to be an actual doctor as a profession?

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Is a man pretending to be Santa Claus in a shopping mall at Christmas having issues?

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Nope, just saying. The host is a 'Dr.' who is still in college and professionally claims to be a doctor for his radio show. So I'm saying I find it ironic that he's saying that someone pretending to be be something their not has issues.

Pot, kettles and such.

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^ ^ COME ON!!!! This is just getting stupid!
| |

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Tell me more of these "normal furries"

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trippple facepalm

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