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MiDFur gains attention of regional media

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MidFur shieldAustralia's MiDFur has been noticed by reporters for local broadsheet The Age.

The article contains quotes from artist and guest of honour Stan Sakai, convention organizer CynWolfe, and a local philosopher.

Stan will also feature on Get Cereal TV and The Conversation Hour this Wednesday.

The event, now in its 12th year, is to be held this weekend in Melbourne, Victoria.

See more: MiDFur XII's trailer, venue tour and etiquette comic.


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I like how Australian philosophers get White Zombie songs stuck in my head.

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And cue negative media. :/

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Actually I don't think I saw anything negative in the article they wrote. It was pretty good coverage.

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Well, it was pretty positive coverage. It read like a bunch of facts and quotes from the convention, plus a quote solicited from an educated third-party to give the impression of original research. It's a popular formula.

I can't really blame them, though. There's limited time to cover events which draw 200-300 people, and their readers are likely to care more about the novelty of the story than the thoroughness of the reporting.

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It was tl;dr for him, who needs reading anyway?

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And you have to troll because?

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Well, even though Sonius is trollin' a bit....
More meat could have been added to that statement. It does look like you're claiming the article itself is negative. Maybe you're worried about an influx of negative articles?

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A more complete list of MiDFur 12 media coverage is now available.

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