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MiDFur names Fred Patten as Hall of Fame '2011' honoree

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This is a somewhat self-serving announcement, but MiDFur the 13th has just been held in Melbourne, and I (Fred Patten) have been inducted into its Furry Hall of Fame.

MiDFur's Furry Hall of Fame members are picked by prior inductees, which include Bernard Doove, Anthrocon/Uncle Kage, 2 Gryphon, Paul Kidd, Stan Sakai, BigBlueFox, Jenner and CynWolfie.


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Congrats, Fred!

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Hear hear! :-)

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Interesting . . . looking at the selection criteria, I wonder how well unanimous agreement is going to work as time goes on. Many prominent fandom members have also been highly controversial among their peers.

Nevertheless, congratulations! Do you get one of these?

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Yes, requiring unanimous agreement by all past honorees obviously has the potential to grow unwieldy as the inductees grow more numerous -- hopefully not as paralyzing as 18th century Poland's "liberum veto" which required a unanimous vote of all Poland's squabbling nobility, and led to Poland's partition by Austria, Prussia, and Russia when Poland was unable to agree how to defend itself. But we'll see.

No, the MiDFur delegation who informed me of my induction did present me with a (heavy) trophy, but it looks quite different - all glass and smooth geometric shapes.

Fred Patten

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Well then maybe people should be so gosh darn less controversial.

(Look who's talking)

Oh hush!

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I find your assertation that you are contreversial, uh, contreversial.

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