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Montreal furs interviewed on CBC's Première Chaîne

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French-speaking Canadian furs got their turn in the limelight earlier this year with an interview (translation) of Paws, Firebreath, Big Bad Bear and Feli in the Montreal Campus newspaper, which serves the Université du Québec à Montréal.

The article led to a sixteen-minute radio interview of Beekin, Firebreath and Ailé the Dragon, broadcast on CBC's French-language radio network Première Chaîne on 16 February (scroll to "Audio-vidéo"; starts at 0:50). [dronon/furrymedia]

Update: A transcription of the radio broadcast is now available thanks to Firebreath.

The piece was published on January 28, but news has only recently surfaced in English-speaking groups. Comments on the broadcast from French-speaking furs suggest the coverage was positive. Both events were organized via the MonFur forum.

Beekin also took part in an episode of Hors-Série about furry fandom, broadcast on TV5 Québec Canada in November 2009.


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