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Wild Nights 2013 opens registration, and more news

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This newsletter also covers Wild Nights' guests of honor, charity auction, and details of meals, lodging, workshops and other activities.

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Come gather Knights and Knaves, Nobles and Lords, Ladies and laymen, as we once again gather for feasting and frolic. Wild Knights of the Round Table is pleased to announce that registration is now open! Visit the web page and sign in, then register online for the event. Join us as we celebrate our fifth year in Robbers Cave State Park, the last weekend of April, 25th–29th.

This year the theme is anything fantasy or medieval. Planned events include an exhibition of medieval combat (SCA-style fighting -- if you are an authorized SCA fighter and attending, bring your armor and contact Heros at, a boffer weapons tournament open to anyone. We will be performing for your pleasure the furry fandom premiere of Jeff Goode's radio play, "Fursona Non Grata".

This year, we have five Guests of Honor. FireFeathers's artwork has graced many of the fliers for the event, as well as our website. She is our featured fandom artist. Husky in Denial will be performing throughout the event with several concerts. Buddy is our Court Jester, and will be keeping us all laughing -- or if he does not, off with his head!

This year, Larry Dixon and Mercedes Lackey will be returning to the event! Larry is a well-known artist even outside the fandom, and has done many book covers, and even helped work on the Lord of the Rings movies. Mercedes is a popular fantasy author with over 70 books in print. They will be running several panels and question-and-answer sessions. It will be a great chance to get to know a couple of professionals in the field.

For those who have never attended, we offer more than any other event out there. Basic registration ($40 for pre-registration) includes at least 6-8 meals prepared by our head chef, Heros. Lodging is included in one of the onsite bunk cabins, or you can pitch a tent for no additional charge. Spaces in the onsite cabins are limited, and preference is given to those who have pre-registered. The cost at the door goes up to $55.

This year, we will have three workshops. The leathercrafting workshop makes its return, along with a workshop on knitting. We are also planning a chainmail workshop -- so if you have or know someone who has experience with this craft, please contact ASAP -- we can use extra help from those who can teach and assist others!

New panels this year include a beer brewing class hosted by Ipequey. Grey Hare is working on bringing out his 8" Meade LX-80 telescope to explore the skies away from the lights of the city. The campfire will be burning throughout the event, and the offsite firing range event is also returning. Bring those muskets (subject to the rules posted on the site, of course). There is also the annual hike up to Robbers Cave as a group -- a beautiful view of Nature's splendor. The Furry Drama show features live acts and
new videos for your entertainment!

Our charity once again is Safari's Sanctuary and if you have items to donate for the charity auction please bring them! Once again we are running this as a Furry Swap Meet. If you bring an item, you get a credit of half of what it sells for as a credit that you can use to bid on other items. A great chance to clean out those closets!

Please check us out at and as always please share this newsletter with your local mailing list, or post it on Facebook, Livejournal, Twitter, Fur Affinity, or however else you communicate with the furry world.

You can follow us now on!


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