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Animated ferret musical in production

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Jerry Beck's CARTOON RESEARCH website reports on "Ferretina", a theatrical animated musical feature in production from the A&A studio in Toronto. Beck says that it looks like it is designed to appeal to Furry fans, but that "this has the smell of impending doom about it". Read more about it on CARTOON RESEARCH.


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I heard about this some time ago from a little gossip blurb about some actor or other, which caught my eye only because it said "I'm working on some animation in Toronto. It's called 'Ferretina' and is rather like 'The lion king', but with ferrets."

Yikes. As someone who LIKES ferrets, I'm saddened to see it's not some main line production, but probably some terrible Nelvana reject :P

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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