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The Anthroportal, an inactive but still often-used resource, will be vanishing this week. Robert "Chiaroscuro" Armstrong, owner and wembaster of the site, has sold the domain name to Verisoft, LLC for an undisclosed sum.

"Given my current financial position, the offer to purchase the domain was one I felt it prudent to accept.. I appreciate those who have enjoyed it through the years, and I'm sorry I have not been able to keep up with updating the content."

Mr. Armstrong further said that he has plans to create a new site on another domain - - in the near future, with aims to replace and improve upon Press Release


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Alas, Furhoo seems to have been shelved; those interested in this piece of history might want to visit

Nowadays directory sites seem rather old-fashioned, though there's the Furry section at (edited by yours truly),'s site directory (plus the Y100), Belfry's webcomics, the Furry Resource Page, Tigerden's links and Most suffer from linkrot, but that's true of Flayrah as well.

The Furnpike used to be rather popular, but reset itself a few years back. The old version is also available at Thumper's FurDir was taken down in 2008.

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