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Upcoming symposium on Gef the Talking Mongoose

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In 1931 on the Isle of Man, the Irving family claimed that their farm was home to a spectral talking mongoose. Many British tabloids carried stories on Gef and various psychic investigators visited, searching for evidence of the creature. Was is a hoax, paranormal activity, or some combination of them?

The curious can attend a symposium on Gef at the University of London, Thursday 10 April. Tickets are £7, including light refreshments.


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This is wonderful! Gef was my favorite paranormal mystery when I used to read all about ghosts and stuff back in my HS days. I was even furry way back then, though the fandom was not yet a thing in the 1970s.
My friend suggested that I write a story, based on my "animals inherit Earth" universe, explaining Gef. So, if you're interested in my science fiction take on Gef, check out the story (it's short)...

American Pine Marten

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Ah, I remember the story of Gef from my childhood. I can't quite remember where I read it, but it might have been Usborne Publishing's "The World of the Unknown" series of books.

Edited to add: Here is the symposium programme.

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Thanks! I've added that link. (fenris did not neglect to include it; the story was submitted before before it was available.)

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