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Wolf - The Animated Film

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There is a new animated feature film in preproduction

"Wolves were the devil incarnate; plotting and loping through the shadows of night to prey upon the righteous. They were feared, hated and destroyed on sight if possible.

This sentiment, this belief was almost universal, and the wolves, once occupying more land than humans, quickly started to fade away as Man gained more expierence in eliminating them.

However, someone had been watching the death and destruction all through the ages. Enough was enough; Change was to happen, and it would begin in the most unlikely of places. This is the story of that change. This is the story of 'Wolf'."

Official Wolf Website


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I do not mean this to sound insulting, but this appears to be an amateur job.

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Well, It may seem that way, but when it comes out we'll find out. I think its cool; who knows, they mite make another one on a different species. (Ex. rabbits)

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Buncha frauds if you ask me. That site hasn't been updated in years. Except from a bit of fanart people have sended it.

They do have a habit of emails people asking for donations.

Can anyone tell me if this is even legal? Oke, they probably can have a cafeepress page to sell merchandise with the word 'wolf' on it (oh wow) and perhaps even a 'please send us money' notice on their page but actually mailing minors their bank account number goes way to far for me.

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Does it have to be a professional film for furry fandom to get exposure?

I saw the "The Whupass Girls" as an amateur film about three years before it debuted on television as "The Powerpuff Girls". The original production quality was low and the animation was very rough, but the film did well enough to later spark a successful merchandising campaign.

"Wolf" may not ever get to that point, but if the show is actually made and distributed, even if only to furry fans, it can be a boost in the right direction.

I am not involved in "Wolf" and I had not even heard of it until this post, but I choose to wait and watch. If it is actually made, then I will watch it. If it is not, then I will forget about it. Like so many fans, I am too broke to help finance it anyway, so all I can do it just keep a casual eye out for it.

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"Wolf" is NOT a dead project. They are almost ready for storyboarding and have many people helping. Its a volunteer project, and yes, amatuer. But the animators they have are very good, and all good things take time. I have faith in this project.

Tenative release date- 2007/2008.

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It hasn't been updated in years? Hardly. Have you looked at the news page? The last update was March 2004.

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I ment substancial. Fanart isn't substancial.

There just there trying to rip people money off.

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