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Upcoming Furry Comics for August 2004

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Furry comics fans, get your orders in for August, now! Here's your monthly update from Doodles: "August is the dog days of summer, so make sure you all have on flea collars:"pg 28
Usagi Yojimbo #78 - $2.99 - order #JUN040025
Usagi is hired to act as bodyguard to a cantankerous old woman who's running away from her family. "Driving Miss Daisy" meets "The Seven Samarai?"

pg 98
Looney Tunes #117 - $2.25 - order #JUN040697
Elmer hunts the rare jackelope. Later, someone takes the idiot on a snipe hunt.

pg 99
Scooby-Doo #87 - $2.25 - order #JUN040699
Scooby surfs with sharks, gets jolly with jesters, and kidnapped by Iraqi insurgents and beheaded. Okay, that last one is what I _wish_ would happen...

pg 119
We3 #1 - $2.95 - order #JUN040953
There was a seperate thread discussing this three issue miniseries by Grant
Morrison, drawn by Frank Quietly. Three pets are used in an experiment to cyborg animals to compact military vehicles, but the trio escapes and tries to go back to a place called "home." On the one hand, it's hardly a new plot, but on the other hand it's Grant Morrison, so I think it's worth trying.

pg 217
Gold Digger Swimsuit: End of Summer Special - $4.50 - order #JUN042181
Looks like Den/Karabiner did the cover for this year's issue, but it's not mentioned in the text.

Ninja High School #120 - $2.99 - order #JUN042187

Quagmire USA #4 - $2.99 - order #JUN042188

pg 242
Jack & Jack #1 - $2.95 - order #JUN042294
The story of a boy named Jack, and his talking dog, also named Jack. Bet it must be a pain in the tail calling them over. By Franco Aureliani, Jamie Cosley, and Art Baltazar.

pg 301
Mickey Mouse Adventures Vol. 1 TP - $7.95 - order #JUN042567

Donald Duck and Friends #319 - $2.95 - order #JUN042569

Mickey Mouse and Friends #268 - $2.95 - order #JUN042571

Uncle Scrooge #333 - $6.95 - order #JUN042572

Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #648 - $6.95 - order #JUN042873

pg 320
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #17 - $2.95 - JUN042657
Giant spiders! Monster brawls! Fishing nets! What, no cartoon?

Adventures of Mia #2 - $3.99 - order #JUN042658
A new issue of this charming tale of a younf girl caught up in the world of air racing in the 30's. In this issue, a mysterious pilot steals plans from a facist's air base and crashes near the home of Mia and her family.

pg 324
Boneyard #15 - $2.95 - order #JUN042674
Can a sexy swamp creature have low self-esteem? Find out in this issue!

pg 330
Furrlough #140 - $3.50 - order #JUN042722
More of "Claire's Stupid Life," plus selected items by Shon Howell and Brian Sutton. Cover by Diana Harlan-Stein.

Genus #67 - $3.50 - order #JUN042724
ADULTS ONLY - The return of "Skunkette School," plus shorties by Sutton &
Howell, DAQ, and Eddie Perkins.

pg 353
Sgt. Frog #4 - $9.99 - order #JUN042806
This hilarious manga by Mine Yoshikazi is just the tonic for a blue mood. Imagine Kerropi from Hello Kitty. With guns. Lots and lots of guns. They're coming to take over the world. Or they would, if the Hinata family weren't keeping them busy with items like Gundam models...

That, dear friends, is all for this month. See you in 30!


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