Creative Commons license icon provides free e-mail and web hosting for furries

Your rating: None, a service being provided and maintained by the MIfur (Michigan Furry) community, is now online. The goal of is to provide decent pop3 and web based E-mail to furries who are currently stuck using free email providers that sell their addresses to spammers, or blast them with pop-up ads. will allow you much of the functionality of E-mail that most free providers fail to offer, such as file attachments larger than 1 megabyte.

In addition to the E-mail service, provides free web hosting to furries who have a low-traffic site they want to put online, for instance, a personal homepage. There will be no forced advertisements, or pop-ups to annoy your visitors.

Additional services may be offered in the future, but the two above are available immediately to any furries who are interested.



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