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Marci McAdam's Furries Site

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Howdy, Marci fans!

Have any of you visited lately? If not, you should do so TODAY, as it may be your last chance to see the site... its old, neglected format.

Yes! THRILL... to the bad design! CHILL... at the difficulty of navigating the site! SPILL...your drink in consternation!

And enjoy your final look, because as of tomorrow, Sunday June 13 at 12:00 Mountain, there will be an ALL NEW Furries.Frithcat.Com for you to look at!

All-new design, new prints, sketches, and info about Marci McAdam! Be sure to check it out, and look for new content each month! -- Marci McAdam's Furries site. Go see it now-- mark the passing of the old and the birth of the new!



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