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Upcoming Comics For September 2004

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Comics updates from both Doodles and Treesong! "Beware the Ides of March and the doldrums of Labor Day. And any class in college where the instructor wrote the book..."

pg 25
The Art of Usagi Yojimbo - $39.95 - order #JUL040019
In time for the rabbit ronin's 20th anniversary, this hardcover collects 200 pages of unseen sketches and out-of-print material from creator Stan Sakai's hands, and includes a gallery where tribute is paid by such comics luminaries as Matt Wagner, Sergio Aragones, Frank Miller, and Jeff Smith. A must-have for all fans of the book.

pg 98
Looney Tunes #118 - $2.25 - order #JUL040660
A full issue of "Duck Dodgers in the 24th and a Half Century!" Joy! (I'm guessing it's a test to see if there's enough interest to give it a title of its own.)

Scooby-Doo #88 - - $2.25 - order #JUL040661
Velma's cousin is suspected of a crime, and how I _wish_ it was poisoning dogs..

pg 106
Thundercats: Enemy's Pride #4 - $2.95 - order #JUL040678
It's Snarf to the rescue. They're doomed.

pg 203
Apocalypse Meow Vol. 2 TP - $9.99 - order #JUL042512
The saga of Sgt. "Perky" Perkins, Rats, and Bota continues as they have to deal with the moral quandry of the war, the home front, and being POWs. BUN HO!

pg 208
Bear #6 - $2.95 - order #JUL042525
Special extra-spooky issue.

pg 214
Gold Digger Annual 2004 - $4.95 - order #JUL042589

pg 215
Ninja High School Yearbook 2004 - $4.95 - order #JUL042597

pg 243
Even More Fund Comics - $10.00 - order #JUL042759
No, it's not furry related, but it's quite important. This benefit book is intended to raise money for the CBLDF, a non-profit group that fights censorship and provides legal help for creators, retailers, and publishers facing prosecution from draconian obscenity laws. In it, you'll find one-of-a-kind work from creators as diveres as Frank Cho (who does the Spider-Man cover of the book), Bill Willingham, Adam Hughes, and Jim Lee. That's just a very small sample of the work in the book. Of course, if you don't want the book, you can always go direct to their website and make a donation. (Or are you too busy stuffing your face with Ho-Ho's while jacking off to that porn pic of Lola Bunny to care?)

pg 283
The Comic Adventures of Felix the Cat TP - $12.95 - order #JUL042925
Back in print after 20 years, this collection of eight comic adventures will charm the whole family.

pg 286
Though it's September these will be released, the Disney titles will be celebrating Halloween, with all sorts of spooky stories throughout their issues. Maybe some of them will star zombie Michael Eisner.

Donald Duck Adventures Vol. 8 TP - $7.95 - order #JUL042935

Donald Duck and Friends #320 - $2.95 - order #JUL042936

Mickey Mouse and Friends #269 - $2.95 - order #JUL042937

Uncle Scrooge #334 - $6.95 - order #JUL042938

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #649 - $6.95 - order #JUL042939

pg 303
Finder #35 - $2.95 - order #JUL043012
Smithson's case grows increasingly complex, and he's now dogged by the man who _didn't_ do it...

pg 304
Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #5 - $2.95 - order #JUL043020

pg 306
Wild #8 - $3.75 - order #JUL043045
ADULTS ONLY - Taral Wayne and Paul Kidd offer up "Hot Buttered Mice," Karno show's Teeka's new job in "Inflates!", and Zephrey Hughes shows what happens when hunters become "The Hunted."

pg 313
Furrlough #141 - $3.50 - order #JUL043091
A new chapter of "Neo-Bioform GO!" and of "Claire's Stupid Life."

pg 316
Codename Mousetrap #1 - $4.99 - order #JUL043111
This two-issue series about a pair of bounty hunters is by Lomax, Teruel, Beaulieu, Garcia, Gray, & Calvin. With cover by Fred Perry.

pg 319
Wallace and Grommit: The Whippet Vanishes GN - $8.95 - order #JUL043132
By Ina Rimmer and Jimmy Hansen. Wallace & Grommit turn pet detectives, and are immediately sued by Jim Carrey.

pg 342
Owly GN - $10.00 - order #JUL043246
A new series by Andy Runton, Owly is a kind, lonely, little owl who's always on the lookout for new friends and adventures. The artwork samples in the catalog look quite charming, so it would be worth taking a peek.

That's all for this month, folks! See you in 30!

And from Treesong:

JUL040002 Dark Horse 2004 Halloween Special #1 12 pg? $6.00
This is a comic shop freebie from Dark Horse about Jack and his haunted doghouse. 'Stray!' is by Jill Thompson (Scary Godmother) and Evan Dorkin (Hectic Planet, Dork!). The $6 is for a bundle of 25; go to your local comic shop to pick one up.

PAGE 210
JUL042562 Little Scrowlie vol. 1 120 pg, tpb $10.95
JUL042563 Little Scrowlie #7 24 pg $2.95
by Todd Meister & Jen Feinberg
The trade paperback "Little Scrowlie: The Call of Cuthbert" 'chronicles the adventures of a particularly scrowlie cat and her friends (human, cat, and ghost) in their cosmic battle with an evil straight out of today's headlines, as bad fashion, imaginary Lovecraftian horrors, and the instability of post internet gold rush Oakland combine with nefarious cat furrier conspiracies in a veritable Voltron of terror. The trade paperback collects issues one through four, along with bonus stories and pinups.' This seems to be a pretty solidly furry theme; I don't know why we've missed it before. In #7, 'After rescuing James from the clutches of an evil succubus, the fierce Lick Monsters of the Nether Regions find themselves pursued by a demonic horde intent on re-integrating their human captive into his proper (torturee) role in the Satanic hierarchy.' But where are the cats?

PAGE 221
JUL042634 Sonic the Hedgehog #141 32 pg, color $2.19
by Various
"The Return to Angel Island" Part 4 of 4, and another installment of
"Mobius 25 Years Later".

PAGE 286
JUL042933 Lionxor #2 (of 6) 24 pg $3.00
by James Patrick & D.J. Coffman
I figure this qualifies as furry because Lionxor is a lion-headed guy
(looks like a mask but you can't be sure) and part of his super-team is 'four mechanical tigers that can come together to form a giant
unstoppable robot' but won't because they're irritated with each other at the moment. This is a team of '80s losers put together to save the more popular '80s cartoon properties, like the Transformers, which have been captured by some evil. MATURE READERS

PAGE 352
JUL043296 My Neighbor Totoro vol. 1 152pg tpb $9.99
JUL043297 My Neighbor Totoro vol. 2 152pg tpb $9.99
by Hayao Miyazaki
Did the manga or the anime come first? I dunno, but in any case it's
furry. I don't know if the catbus shows up in these volumes.


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