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Free at Last: Born Captive Dolphins to be Released

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Exposing the lies that $leazy World has been telling for decades, Dolphin Reef Eilat, of Israel, is planning another release of captive-born dolphins.

The dolphin population there has dwindled and is on the verge of extinction. The efforts of all the countries surrounding the Black Sea (ACCOBAMS Organization), as well as the recognition of the dolphins living in it (TURSIOPS TRUNCATUS PONTICUS) as an endangered species (according to the international CITES treaty), has contributed to significant improvement and rejuvenation of the Black Sea. The transfer of the dolphins from the Reef to the Black Sea is one of the rehabilitation measures, carried out in cooperation between the Severtsov Russian Academy of Science and Dolphin Reef. Two dolphins, Shandy (10 year old male) and Pashosh (12 year old female), born at Dolphin Reef to parents originally from the Black Sea, are being transferred back to the Black Sea. Shandy and Pashosh will fly on Monday, July 26th, from Eilat to the Utrish Biological Research Station at the Black Sea, where they will meet a pair of local dolphins. After a stay of about one month at the Research Station, the four dolphins will be released into the Black Sea. This release project is backed and accompanied by local and international environmental groups, such as the Nature Reserves Authority in Israel and in Russia, and ACCOBAMS organization.

Dolphin Reef Eilat


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For those of us who don't know anything about the state of dolphin ecology in the Mediterranean or the Black Sea, can you point us to any of these published lies online, and tell us who "$leazy World" is? Some context would help here.

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I believe he refers to Sea World.

I have seen this same info posted to several furry message boards in the last few days. Looks like a paste job.

Richard Reid
Captain; Webship Corwinda

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I thought Sea World got over the Free Willy complex in the nineties. Why do they keep raising marine mamals in captivity only to release them to the wild and watch them die? There must be some huge tax write off involved, either that or they're drawing income from VW-driving, Mac-using burnt out ex hippies. Marine animal + crying child + Micheal Jackson = $$$$

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