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Memory of the Brightwing

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Crying Wolf Studio celebrates the debut of the New Avalon fantasy novel series with the release of Wolfen Moondaughter's first novel, Memory of the Brightwing.

The New Avalon storyverse features waerwolves and other waercreatures, brownies (anthropomorphic small animals), elves, witches, and more, living on the Isle of New Avalon, just off the shore of Chicago! Join Selina as she hunts for her identity -- while others hunt for her! Run with Snowstar as she fights to protect her pack from encroaching humans! Dance with the denizens of New Avalon as they struggle to bring magic back to Mother Earth!

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Okay, I know it's a typo, there theres a huge difference between memories and mamories. But I will admit, I do remember some very nice ones.

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