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Upcoming Comics for November 2004

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No, not a repost of the previous story--an update! Treesong sent in the following additions to Doodles list: click on Read More to see them.Doodles missed a bunch of stuff this month, including some core titles.
But that's why there's a Reply button....

All these are black and white floppies unless otherwise noted.

PAGE 197
SEP042258F Bosom Enemies: Bridgework softcover, 66 pg $6.95
by Donna Barr
'German Lieutenant Stephan Egger and American Sergeant Stewart Harrow
stagger ashore outside San Francisco. It is 1970.' After three graphic
novels in which they were snatched from WWII, turned to quadrupedal
beasts of burden (with equine hindquarters) for horse-headed humanoid
owners, and put through horsebreaking, circuses, frontier wars and other
miseries, they have new adjustments to make. The first three were
certainly anthropomorphic, but they're back to human at the start of
this one. I don't know it this qualifies, but I'm listing it like the
others and ordering it. Recommended. MATURE AUDIENCES

SEP042259F An Insupportable Light softcover, 340 pg $21.95
by Donna Barr
'The original STINZ novel. It's about how wars start--because nobody
wants them, nobody can see them coming, and nobody can stop them. A
portrait of human folly, always relevant to current affairs.' A novel
with illustrations, not a comic. This again is associationally
anthropomorphic: the proto-Stinz is a human in a human world, rather
than a half-horse (don't call him a centaur!). But if you like the
long-running series of Stinz stories, you may want to know about the
original. And the cover shows a human-headed horse, such as we've seen
in later Stinzes. Written in 1981, so don't expect her best work. MATURE

PAGE 217
SEP042303F Girl Genius Volume 3 8x11, 128pg, hc $36.95
SEP042304F Girl Genius Volume 3 8x11, 128pg, sc $20.95
Written by Phil & Kaja Foglio; art by Phil Foglio, Mark McNabb & Laurie
E. Smith
'This collection reprints issues #7-10 of Phil & Kaja Foglio's gaslamp
fantasy series, plus additional material. This small run of hardcovers
concludes the story arc begun in Volume Two.' Highly recommended.

PAGE 225
SEP042360E Gold Digger #58 32 pg, color $2.99
by Fred Perry
'Luan and Gar begin their treacherous journey through the Proving
Grounds.' Good luck.

PAGE 228
SEP042367E Ninja High School #122 32 pg $2.99
by Robby Bevard & Katie Bair
Like *Gold Digger* #58, seems to be a nonfurry issue of an often-furry
series. There's also a *Ninja High School Pocket Manga Volume 4* this
month: 136 pg, softcover, $9.99. Don't know which issues it collects.

PAGE 233
SEP042398E Sonic the Hedgehog #143 32 pg, color $2.19
by Romy Chacon, Art Mawhinney, and Jim Amash
Another past/future-symmetrical comic: "The Original Freedom Fighters"
part 2, and another installment of "Mobius 25 Years Later".

PAGE 236
SEP042420H Attaboy 2005 Calendar color $12.95
'Attaboy's third wall calendar features brand new art of toothy cute
creatures, laughing squids, and evil grins the hipster kids are drooling
for so badly.' See for more.

PAGE 254
SEP042514F Achewood Volume 1 softcover, 200 pg $19.95
'It's no surprise that Onstad has been nominated for a 2004 Web
Cartoonist's Choice Award for Outstanding Writing in a web comic! "I am,
in fact, a big Achewood fan," says best-selling author and syndicated
humor columnist Dave Barry. After looking briefly at the site, I'm
surprised: weak writing, sub-Dilbert drawing. But it's furry, so it's

PAGE 258
SEP042528F Colonia #11 32 pg $3.50
by Jeff Nicholson
Another not-so-furry issue of a not-so-furry series, but it's within the
bounds. Also it's good. Teela the mermaid shows up.

PAGE 299
SEP042681F Monkey and the Moon Patrol #1 24 pg $3.95
by Rick Lundeen
'Celebrating Epoch's tenth anniversary, we visit Earth's first, best
defense, featuring the silent simian and his lunar band!' Tenth? I
didn't know they'd had a first.

PAGE 329
SEP042841F Poundcake #1 squarebound softcover, 8.5x11, 64 pg
by Richard Moore, Trump, Neko-no-Hito, Blacklin, & Dutch
'Can't get enough "junk in the trunk", tootsie rolls or fat-bottomed
girls? Poundcake is the first adult graphic album dedicated to
voluptuous girls with plenty of meat on their bones!' All the
contributors except maybe Blacklin have done furry work, so I presume it
will predominate here. MATURE READERS

PAGE 364
SEP043009E Phoenix Volume 2: Tale of the Future softcover, 328 pg
by Osamu Tezuka
'Osamu Tezuka's Phoenix was his life's work and is considered by many to
be one of the finest works of Japanese comics art ever produced.
Phoenix: Resurection takes place in the year 3344, Prof. Saruta lands on
the moon. He meets and acquires Robita in his final form. Spanning 860
years, the end of this episode goes beyond Phoenix: Universe and close
to the beginning of Phoenix: Future.' MATURE READERS

SEP043010E Phoenix Volume 5: Resurrection softcover, 304 pgs
by Osamu Tezuka
'Phoenix: A Tale of the Future is a rollicking space-age adventure, an
apocalyptic cautionary tale, a fable of human frailty and triumph, and a
fantastic voyage through time, space, and the macroverse. Above all it
is a great love story, an epic account of Class II Space Patrolman
Masato's tragic, undying love for the doomed beautiful alien "moopie"
Tamami. Told in bold layouts and mindwarping page designs that
revolutionized Japanese comics, this is the work of the greatest manga
artist of them all, Osamu Tezuka, soaring at the height of his powers.'

PAGE 366
SEP043024F Bootleg #12 32 pg $3.95
by Various
'Bring on the ears, the tails, the big fuzzy busts! Bootleg's first All
Anthropomorphic Issue! BAR-1 starts the show with a twisted tale of
Western legend -- "Coyote's Calamity!" Twilight Designs Studios
fractures another fable with the clothes-ripping story of "The Bunny and
the Vixen!" W. C. Pope brings us the obligatory Red Riding Hood story,
and to finish it off, another installment of Chocolate Milkmaid!' I've
seen a couple of issues of this before; the universal theme seemed to be
grotesquely oversized breasts. MATURE READERS


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