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Maryland Bear Hunt

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Animal-protection advocates filed a lawsuit Monday seeking to block Maryland's first bear hunt in 51 years, which they said was the product of flawed science.

State wildlife managers proposed the hunt in February after more than a decade of debate. They have said the two-week hunt, which would be limited to 30 bears and would begin October 25, will help contain an increasingly troublesome resident population of black bears.

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To The Viewers ,

We fought long and hard to prevent this hunt . Many people invested immense amounts of time on this effort The Humane Society Of The United States and The Fund For Animals are to all be commended for their efforts which went well and beyond the call in trying to save the lives of these Bear. In the end it was clear that Governor Robert Ehrlich bowed and was intent on kissing the ass of Paul Peditto and the others at Marylands DNR . It is a shame that Maryland has to tolerate such a piece of trash in the Governors mansion. What is even worse though is the fact that one of the first kills in the early morning hours of the hunt was a 9 month old female cub. The hunters were told by the DNR that they could opt to take any size Bear from an infant to and adult . These same hunters were also told by the DNR that they should not frown upon nor look down on a hunter simply because he or she chooses to kill a small bear rather than a large adult bear . If your a business owner or consumer please read this post with interest . Know what type of state Maryland has become and by knowing this refuse to do business in this state. When shopping ,bypass Maryland for neighboring states. When opening a business do so anywhere but Maryland. Before this hunt is over Im certain you may see Bear cubs as young as a couple months being hauled in to be weighed. We can only hope that some of these hunters fall victim to heart attacks and other life threatening issues while in the woods. It would be best for humanity as a whole . We can the rejoice as their families will have one less piece of shit in the house.

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