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Fauxpaw Publications Submissions Deadline

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As the new year approaches, Fauxpaw Publications is preparing it's new issues, and the final deadline for submissions is fast approaching.

Fur Visions #33 will have a theme of 'Eqyptian Dieties' and will carry the Mature Audiences rating. Furry art and stories are still desired in ratings from G to very soft R.

Fur Plus #23, the ADULT fanzine of Furs with a Difference, is also searching for more art and stories. The theme of this fanzine is that of 'taurs and other less-common' fur folk (from dragons to hermaphrodites to crazy over-endowed squirrels, to combinations of all of the above). All ratings of material from G to XXX is welcome, with a preference for quaility adult material.

Final deadline for both publictions is December 1st, 2004!

Both of the above publications will be released at Further Confusion 2005 in January 2005.

For more detailed information and submission guidelines, head on over to the Fauxpaw Publications website at

Karl Maurer


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