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Morphicon March Madness Newsletter!

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Morphicon 2005: "Growing Pains"
May 6-8, 2005 / Radisson Columbus-Worthington

The con is nearly a month away! In this issue:

* Hotel Reservations End April 22nd!
* Guests of Honor: NeoGeen and Richard Thatcher
* Morphicon Dress Code Update
* T-shirt Contest Winners: Karen Kling and Meredith Vo
* Charity Donations Urgently Needed
* Mailing List Up for Variety Show

(read on for more...)****************************************

**Hotel Reservations End April 22nd!**

Hotel Reservations are only guaranteed through April 22! You must reserve your rooms now if you want a place to stay at the Radisson. Call 614-436-0700, and be sure to mention Morphicon for our reduced room rate (block MO-005). See our Hotel page for more information on other ways to reserve your room.

There will be free shuttle service available between the airport and the hotel. People using Greyhound will need to make their way to the hotel by cab or pay shuttle service of their choice, however.

**Guests of Honor: NeoGeen and Richard Thatcher**

Kudos to our new Guests of Honor: popular fursuiter and furry artist NeoGeen, and author of "Tales of the Morphing Period" Richard Thatcher! The Samples will no longer be attending, but will still be producing some of our Sponsor goodies. The sponsor button and conbook cover will be done by Lisa Sample. We'll have one Sponsor print from Ken Sample, and one from NeoGeen.

Our other Guests of Honor Carole and Mike Curtis and will be providing a special gift for our Patrons, as well as bringing Shanda Fantasy Arts to our dealer's room this year. You can see our entire list of dealers at our Dealers page.

**Morphicon Dress Code Update**

Morphicon's website has recently been updated. Included in the update is the addition of a dress code to the convention policies, since it was something we seem to have overlooked. We didn't have any problems with inappropriate dress last year, but several people requested we add it for clarification:

Morphicon expects attendees to dress appropriately. Costumes and strange clothing are fine, but if you're showing too much skin or dressed in a manner that prominently displays sexual areas, you may be asked by security to cover up. Collars and leashes are fine, but overt bondage-related behavior is not acceptable in public--so no dragging people around on leashes, please. Minor exceptions to the leash-pulling rule may be made in closed events (such as the dance) and for fursuiters performing (such as, if the leash appears to be a part of the costume).

You can see our entire list of convention policies at our Policies page.

**T-shirt Contest Winners: Karen Kling and Meredith Vo**

It was very difficult to decide the winners--we had so many wonderful art submissions this year. Congratulations to Karen Kling for winning the t-shirt contest and Meredith Vo for coming in second! You can see the beautiful winning entries at our Conbook page.

Karen will get a free Patron membership, and her artwork will be featured on the 2005 con t-shirt. Meredith Vo will get the equivalent value of a Sponsor upgrade, and her art will go on the cover of our pocket program guide. We had a lot of wonderful art submissions, and most of it will be featured in the conbook. Thanks to everyone who participated!

**Charity Donations Urgently Needed**

Still in need: we urgently need your charity donations for the Animal Adoption Foundation to help save cats and dogs in the Ohio community! The AAF has been saving animals in the Ohio area for nearly thirty years.

Please consider donating any furry memorabilia you can spare to our charity events, as every little bit helps us raise funds to help the animals. You may contact charity for more information.

**Mailing List Up for Variety Show**

We're putting together a mailing list for our infamous Variety Show, a series of pre-scripted acts requiring mainly fursuiters and puppeteers to fill the roles, and it's a lot of fun to be a part of it. You must be at least 18 years old as of May 6th, 2005 to participate. If you want to be involved with all the insanity, send a note to varietyshow so we can include you in the discussions. Getting signed up early makes the process much easier on rehearsal, so if you might be interested, join us today!


See you in May!



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