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Conifur Northwest Newsletter

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Conifur Northwest recently posted their latest Coontrax newsletter to Click below for the full text.

COONTRAX: The official newsletter of ConiFur NorthWest 2001

WHEN: October 26th-28th, 2001
WHERE: Fife/Seattle, WA




Welcome to another year of ConiFur NorthWest! Who knew that back in
1997 we'd be thinking of organizing our fourth event! ConiFur 2001 is
back and strong as ever. We're back in the Best Western Executive Inn
located in Fife, Washington, we have a new Guest of Honor, new hotel
room rates, more Dealers Den tables available, and just a whole lot of
things to tell you about this time. So let's get to it, shall we?



ZIGZAG IS COMING TO SEATTLE! That's right, folks, that zebra-striped
skunk of legend is coming to Seattle this coming October! And she's
even bringing her agent and creator, Malcolm Earle, aka Max the Black
Rabbit. It should be quite the event with the mayhem that seems to
follow the mustelid no matter where she goes. But we've got Max to
keep an eye on her so she *should* behave, right Max? Max? Oh dear
-- cleanup, aisle six!

And remember that our Guest of Honor is the one that does that year's
convention T-shirt design. What sort of design will Max come up with,
do you suppose? Only time will tell!



Once again we're back in the Best Western Executive Inn located in
Fife, Washington, just 10 miles south of SeaTac Airport and 15 miles
south of Seattle. It's a good medium sized facility for our 350-400
person convention and the staff has been fantastic for us two years in
a row. So much in fact, that we've just signed our contract for 2002,
so Conifur is here to stay for the next two years at least. In a
genre where you go to a different hotel every year, this is a rarity
and makes it much easier to plan and work with for both fan and dealer

The room rates have even dropped! Now the prices are only $79/night,
single *or* double rooms. Some events have prices well over $100, so
at $79, that's quite a bargain. But you only get that rate if you
mention Conifur when you make your reservations at: 1-800-938-8500.



We had a strong committment from a lot of our dealers from 2000 that
immediately signed up for tables for 2001. Sales were brisk and many
dealers have no qualms about coming back for 2001. Don't be left out!
While there are only 47 tables in the room, many are sold now so make
your reservations early! Tables run $50 each and come with two full
memberships. Since memberships themselves are $25/ea, you can see
that it's the same as buying two memberships and getting a table FREE!
It's definately a good deal so don't hesitate, reserve today!

And for 2001, we're currently looking at Dealer Lunches again, but
with one major difference -- they're going to be FREE. The organizers
of Conifur are also dealers themselves (Jarlidium Press) and know
entirely too well how hard it is to get a meal while stuck behind a
table. So with that in mind, we're seeing about getting lunches
catered for the dealers entirely on Conifur's tab. We really
appreciate your patronage and want to help out wherever we can.



Now's a great time to get your registration in early for ConiFur 2001.
At only $25 each until July 1st, you can save $5 over the rates after
July ($30) and $10 over at the door prices ($35). It definately pays
to register early. And remember, two memberships come with a Dealers'
Den table at only $50 so that's a bargain if you wish to sell anything
at the convention itself.



Another successful year for Artists and Buyers alike at ConiFur 2000.
And we're ready to do it again for 2001. Rich Chandler will be once
again running the show and that means effecient operations. In fact,
this year we were mailing out checks within one week after the
convention was over to our artists! No waiting for weeks or months
for payment -- we pay right away. We could have even paid out the
very next day if we weren't waiting for the credit card companies to
get all the funds transferred from the convention's transactions.
Quick turnaround, good prices, high average of sold items, and ease of
working with the staff makes this one of the best Art Shows to buy and
sell at. Don't be left out this year. You can't afford to miss it!


That's it for this installment. We'll have more for you soon as
things continue to develop. Stay tuned!


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