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More upcoming comics (from Previews) for July 2005

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There are a few things to add to Doodles' list. Black and white except as noted. Actually, only one this month isn't in color, but that's exceptional.

MAY050026V3 Little and Large hc, color, 8" x 8½", 40 pg $7.95
'Here is another delightful book from writer/artist Tony Millionaire featuring two interconnected stories that tie together for the happiest of endings.' His seventh book is another about Uncle Gabby, the sock monkey, here trying to find a home for a refugee spider.

PAGE 235
MAY052422E Lions Tigers & Bears sc, color, 7x10, 112pg $9.99
by Mike Bullock & Jack Lawrence
'Follow Joey Price on the adventure of a lifetime through the Stuffed Animal Kingdom.When Joey's worst fears, The Beasties, come crawling out of his closet in the middle of the night, he finds out his new stuffed animals, The Night Pride, are more real than he ever could have imagined.'

PAGE 248
MAY052507E Sonic the Hedgehog #152 color, 32pg $2.25
by Various

Two stories: 'Sonic's Angels' and 'More Than Meets the Eye'.

PAGE 318
MAY052891F Max Hamm: Fairy Tale Detective vol. 1 sc, 204pg $ 14.95
'Storybookland is a magical place where dreams come true, there's also another side to this two-bit town: for every happy ending, there's fifty miserable ones. In his first book-length collection of hard-boiled fairy tales, the magical kingdom's grittiest gumshoe uncovers the secrets of Bo Peep, Snow White and Prince Charming. It's Mother Goose with a Sin City chaser!' Collection of three earlier booklets.

PAGE 353
MAY052991E Spongebob Squarepants Cine-manga vol. 10: Meow... Like a Snail?! sc, 5x7, color 96pg $7.99
Written by Steven Hillenburg
'Gary is sick and Squidward has come over to watch Gary so SpongeBob can go away for the weekend. However when Squidward accidentally gives SpongeBob Gary's medicine, SpongeBob is turned into a snail. . . .'

PAGE 358
MAY053043F Krazy & Ignatz: Dailies 1923 (Limited Pacific Comic Club Edition) sc, 5x5, ?pg $25.00
by George Herriman
'Collects every daily from 1923.' A good thing, but way overpriced.

PAGE 389
MAY053296H Furry mmpb, ?pg $7.99
Edited by Fred Patten
'Fantasy fans have flocked to tales of the anthropomorphic and Furry brings together the best of these stories from the last 25 years.' See the thread 'Fred Patten in new PREVIEWS' for more information. (248/1-4165-0813-9)


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