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New webzine needs material!

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Anthro is a new webzine whose first issue will be available for your reading pleasure on 1 September 2005. The force behind Anthro is the Webmaster and Editor In Chief of the Ursa Major-nominated webzine TSAT (main or mirror sites) -- Quentin 'Cubist' Long, who has decided to try his hand at a purely fur-focused venture. And you can help!Anthro will be published bi-monthly: Jan/Feb (deadline, 20 Dec), Mar/Apr (20 Feb deadline), May/Jun (20 Apr), Jul/Aug (20 Jun), Sep/Oct (20 Aug), and Nov/Dec (20 Oct). Anthro's inaugural issue being the September/October issue, the deadline for this first issue is 20 Aug.
Anthro is looking for fur-related material: Stories (at least five per issue), art (at least one illustration per story, plus one cover image per issue), reviews of furry books/movies/etc, factual articles on furry topics (hotel surveys for furcons, helpful fursuit hints, etc), plus anything else you can think of.
Anthro takes an inclusive view of furdom; scalies and featheries are just as welcome as furries. Likewise, any flavor of anthropomorphized animal is welcome, be it a genetically-altered beastie, a spiritual totem, a 'funny animal' cartoon, or whatever else the general description "animal with human-ish characteristics" can be applied to.
Send manuscripts, art, inquiries, or comments, to Quentin 'Cubist' Long.



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