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Byron Preiss Killed in Auto Accident

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S-f & graphic novel publisher Byron Preiss was killed in a traffic accident on July 9th. Several obituaries hae been posted, one of the longest and most detailed by comics artist Jim Steranko.

Aside from whatever else he published and wrote since the 1970s, Preiss was the first major (or semi-major) publisher to show serious interest in anthropomorphic s-f. Preiss' company iBooks had published the American edition of the French award-winning “Blacksad” anthropomorphic graphic novels, and has just begun reprinting Alan Dean Foster's out-of-print “Spellsinger” novels. iBooks has been negotiating with Sofawolf Press to publish a mass-market paperback edition of its 2003 short story anthology "Best in Show: Fifteen Years of Outstanding Furry Fiction", edited by Fred Patten, retitled "Furry!: The Best Anthropomorphic Stories Ever!", early in 2006. But with Preiss dead, what will happen to iBooks and its plans for further anihropomorphic books?


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