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Furs raise over $15,000 for widowed mother

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As the holidays arrive, some are disappointed in the fact that our gatherings are going to be a bit smaller this year due to the continuing pandemic. For those reluctantly separated from loved ones voluntarily, however, they may find that the greatest present is that they may have the fortune of getting together with those loved ones in future holidays. Because in a year such as this, that is a gift not afforded to everyone.

News emerged on December 17th of a furry mother, Velocity Sloth, who learned that her husband had contracted the deadly virus, and didn’t make it. This holiday tragedy has left a hole for their family that could never be filled, as a mother sloth is left on her own to care for her young. Her husband was the sole provider at the time of his passing.

Known for her volunteer work at some of our largest conventions, furs took up the call in order to try and help alleviate some of the despair wrought by the sudden loss. Within a few days, charitable furs exceeded the $15,000 goal set to help her out.

Other losses this year

Other furs have also lost their lives, or lives of those they loved this year due to the pandemic. The three furs had recorded losing their lives to the disease were in April 2020 during the first wave.

  • IndyWolfy- A Nintendo fan and fursuiter from Maryland.
  • Narka Zirkus- An EMT from South Carolina
  • Vappyvap- Furry artist and YouTuber from Pennsylvania

As we move into the New Year and make our way through this second wave, let’s ensure that we keep doing our best to keep these numbers low, so that we may see one another again at future gatherings, and give big hugs to those who lost loved ones during this ordeal.



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Some of those furs were very young! D,8

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