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Furry Previews comics for August 2005

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From: "Doodles"
Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 11:16:51 -0700

Back to school, back to 33
Usagi Yojimbo #86 - $2.99 - order #JUN050039
Tomoe and Usagi are now slaves in the gold mines of Lord Sanada, and under
the cruel eye of Tomoe's cousin Noriko. Meanwhile, Tomoe's page Motokazu
rides off to help her without permission.

pg 92
Looney Tunes #129 - $2.25 - order #JUN050396
Bugs and Daffy are competing to be court jesters at swordpoint. I hope the
king likes duck...

Scooby-Doo #99 - $2.25 - order #JUN050398
The gang discovers an ancient treasure and unlocks a curse. Now they get to
be animated in Flash!

pg 210
Full Moon Fever GN - $12.95 - order #JUN052668
Joe Casey & Damian Couceiro craft this tale of WEREWOLVES... IN...
SPAAAAAAAACE! Because it's easy to always have a full moon when you're _on_
the moon.

pg 212
Pakkin's Land Vol 2 #5 - $2.99 - order #JUN052680
Paul is missing, and a group forms to travel down "Death Ridge" to find him.

pg 222
Bear #9 - $2.95 - order #JUN052698
The "Fury" issue. No, not "furry," clownboats.

pg 224
Gold Digger #67 - $2.99 - order #JUN052730

Gold Digger: End of Summer Swimsuit Special 2005 - $4.50 - order #JUN052731

pg 228
Mighty Tiny Pocket Manga TP - $9.99 - order #JUN052742

pg 229
Ninja High School #131 - $2.99 - order #JUN052743

pg 286
Donald Duck and Friends #331 - $2.95 - order #JUN052987E

Walt Disney's World of the Dragonlords GN - $12.99 - order #JUN052988
An unusual book, a complete story where the ducks are thrust into a human
dimension where most people are slaves to a race of dragon-riders. By Byron
Erickson & Giorgio Cavazzano.

Mickey Mouse and Friends #280 - $2.95 - order #JUN052989E

Mickey Mouse Adventures Vol. 5 TPB - $7.95 - order #JUN052990

Uncle Scrooge #345 - $6.95 - order #JUN052991

Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #660 - order #JUN052992

pg 304
Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #14 - $3.25 - order #JUN053067

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #23 - $2.95 - order #JUN053068

pg 306
Wild #15 - $3.75 - order #JUN053078
ADULTS ONLY Bonnie Bright finds her new wings aren't the most popular part
of her bod, Pancio survives an enraged husband thanks to a slave hypnotist,

pg 308
Boneyard #19 - $2.95 - order #JUN053081
Abbey is doing her best, but people are still dying at Camp Waterlake. Of
course, they're all sex-obcessed idiot teens, so it's thinning the herd...

pg 312
Furrlough #151 - $3.50 - order #JUN053116
Work by Rusty Haller, Remi Perroni, and Christina Hanson.

Genus #73 - $3.50 - order #JUN053117
ADULTS ONLY - cover by Heather Bruton, with work by Eric Huelin, Shon Howell
& Brian Sutton, Mssr. Le Eh, and more.

pg 316
Adventures of Hanno and Loris #2 - $5.25 - order #JUN053138
More work by Brock Hoagland, Kari Fry, and Steve Corbett featuring the cat &
mouse team of adventurers.

Richard Thatcher's Morphing Period Journal - $4.99 - order #JUN053139
Further tales of a world changed by a strange virus that turns humanity into
morphic animals. With art by Carla Speed McNeil & Fred Perry.

pg 339
Hyper Police Vol. 4 - $9.99 - order #JUN053188
The team takes on a set of feline Robin Hoods.

pg 350
Spiral Bound GN - $14.95 - order #JUN053272
A work by newcomer Aaron Reiner, it focuses on a cast straight out of a box
of animal crackers as they go through a journey of self-discovery.

That's it for this month. See you in 30!\


From: Philip Cohen
Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2005 21:30:35 GMT

Quite a heap of stuff this month, both in Doodles’s list and in these

PAGE 204
Salamander online at
JUN052659F Salamander Dream gn sc, 2-color, 5"x7", 104pg $15.00
by Hope Larson
"Salamander Dream is a young girl's journey within a magical forest. As
the years pass, she finds herself changing, which in turn, changes her
friendship with Salamander. A coming of age story told within innovative
layouts and sequential art, Salamander Dream, marks Hope Larson's first
full length solo creation within the world of comics. MATURE THEMES"
Salamander doesn't look much like a salamander but he's not human
either. Simple attractive artwork.

PAGE 212
JUN052681F Imaginaries Vol 1: Lost & Found tp sc, color, 7"x10",
96pgs $9.99
by Miller, Avery, & Titus
"What happens to those past imaginary friends, childhood superheroes,
playmates, and stuffed
animals we all gave life to as children? They go to the Imagined
Nation!" This collects the four-issue miniseries, or the first four
issues of something longer. Whatever.

PAGE 237
JUN052780E Sonic the Hedgehog #153 color, 32pg $2.25
by Bollers, Lim, & Amash
A one-story issue for a change: Sonic fights assassin Nack the Weasel
and tries to save his old girlfriend, Mina the Mongoose.

PAGE 309
JUN053097E Banana Sundays #2 (of 4) 24pg $2.99
by Root Nibot & Colleen Coover
"Kirby and her talking monkeys continue to adjust to life at Forest Edge
High. Chuck, the brainy orangutan, is trying to take over the science
faculty. Knobby, the flirtatious chimp is wooing all the girls. All
seems to be going well until Go-Go, the narcoleptic gorilla, goes missing!"

PAGE 335
JUN053178E Tokyo Mew Mew a La Mode gn #1 (of 2) sc, 5"x7", 192pg $9.99
by Reiko Yoshida and Mia Ikumi
"The girls from Mew Mew are back with a vengeance. But this time they're
up against their worst enemy ever--their fans! Someone is slipping
secret subliminal messages about the Mews into television shows, the
Internet and more. With not-so-friendly statements like "Down with the
Mew Mew," and "Hate the Mews! " slipping into the media, everyone who
watches TV is about to go into a trance where they hate anything and
everything Mew!"

PAGE 381
JUN053464H Unshelved Vol 3: Library Mascot Cage Match tp sc, color,
8"x11", 120pg $14.95
by Bill Barnes & Gene Ambaum; with an Introduction by Terry Moore
"What's so funny about a library? Just about everything, as you'll find
out in Library Mascot Cage Match, the third Unshelved collection. In
addition to a year's worth of Unshelved comic strips featuring library
mascots duking it and the return of the masked mystery man known only as
"the Shusher," Library Mascot Cage Match includes the all-new,
full-color graphic novelette Empire County Strikes Back." Mostly human
but there’s a pile of mascots on the cover.

And straying from the comics for a bit,

PAGE 508
JUN054254E Killer Bunnies: Stainless Steel Booster Expansion $12.00
"The Stainless Steel Deck adds 55 cards to your existing set,
higher-level Defense Cards, and just a tad more Cabbage and Water. For 2
to 8 players, ages 12 and up."


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