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Renart the Fox

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From Toonzone.Net: The opening film at SICAF this year was a CGI effort based on the seminal French folk tale that, I am told, inspired the story of Robin Hood. It's called "Renart the Fox," directed by Luxembourger (yes, that is a word) Thierry Schiel. Renart spends him time engaging in mischief on those who deserve it: an adulterous deer, thieving porcupines, greedy pigs, but most of all against Ysengrin the wolf, the power-hungry captain of the guard in the animal kingdom, and his master, the Royal Councillor, a donkey with his eyes on the throne. Both the Councillor and Ysingrin are constantly frustrated by the somewhat ineffectual King Noble and the rational Queen lions, who insist that Renart be given a chance to defend himself for his crimes.

When the Councillor sends Ysengrin on a quest to retrieve a Sacred Scroll with the recipe for immortality on it from the Cave of Maledictions (curses), it's only natural that in the regular course of freezing Ysingrin's tail in a lake, the scroll accidentally falls into Renart's hands, and he just as accidentally hears there's treasure at the end (though he doesn't know what). Thus begins our dashing thief's quest.

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