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Halloween story anthology: FANG H05

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Now available!

Pre-empting the Little Black Book of Furry Fiction's second issue, the special Halloween issue bundles stories from some of the fandom's most talented writers. Since a number of authors from the successful first issue return, a smattering of homoerotica is unavoidable and the stories range from the insightful and upsetting to campy horror pastiche.

K. M. Hirosaki, Kyell Gold, Whyte Yoté and Stormcatcher return, transferring their talents to the horror genre or showing a completely different set of skills.

Ambitious newcomer Ben Goodridge contributes three stories that may be developed into a full anthology of his own, coming soon from

Alex Vance contributes two pieces, one of which took part in Nadan's Watching Stone Anthro Fiction Contest, the other of which features two characters from his popular 'Maranatha' series.

If ordered quickly, this can still arrive in time for Halloween.


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