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New small-press furry fiction anthology open for submissions.

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FANG, the "little black book of furry fiction", is an ambitious new project that aims to make quality furry fiction available in comfortable paperback format, slated for an August release to coincide with Camp Feral.
As much an attempt to galvanize the amateur furry fiction community into striving for a higher standard in their work as to provide furs with an anthology of some of the best work currently available, FANG takes a rather unique stance toward material that's been previously available on-line. Not only does FANG not have a policy against previously published material, readers are encouraged to mail their favourite authors, to urge them to submit their work to FANG.
The first issue, due August 27 and with a writer's deadline of July 15, will be dedicated to male/male furry erotica, but each issue will have its own theme. The next issue may be devoted to horror or romance, children's fiction or crime and suspense.
The publication has discretion and quality in mind, with a policy that totally excludes artwork, making FANG suitable to be taken to the beach or read in public without garnering funny looks.
Until July 15 any writer can send in any piece of furry fiction within this current issue's m/m erotica theme for the editor's consideration. Writers interested in submitting works for the book that may be suitable for future issues are advised to sign up at to be kept appraised of each new issue's theme.


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