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Bad Dog Books releases new FANG and ROAR anthlogies, three new novels

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Bad Dog Books has released five new books: FANG Volume 3, ROAR Volume 1, White Crusade by Ben Goodridge, The Hero by Teiran, and El Burrito de los Muertos by André Blaireau.
These will debut during Anthrocon '07 and are available from BDB directly and from FurPlanet for $19.95 each. At Anthrocon they will be available from the FurNation table, where a book-signing will also be organized with all three novel authors in attendance.

  • FANG Volume 3: Two years in the making, this collection of fantasy homoerotica is finally available, featuring the work of Kyell Gold, K. M. Hirosaki, Uncle Oakie, Stephan von Krieger, Veritas, Mwinzi and Drenthe.
  • ROAR Volume 1: The first of the new non-erotic anthology series ROAR, edited by Ben Goodridge, is a collection of anthropomorphic science fiction, featuring the work of Kevin Frane, Stormcatcher, Redline, Calcifer Rauth, Rincewind and others.
  • White Crusade: non-erotic science fiction novel by Ben Goodridge. In post-apocalyptic America, the leader of a wolf tribe must face a fanatical army obsessed with reviving the once-great human civilization. Cover art by Kamui.
  • The Hero: erotic fantasy novel by Teiran, author of the popular High School Days stories. Flint, a young innkeeper's boy, falls in love with Aldain, a Knight of the Cross and must battle bigotry and religious zealotry to follow his heart. Cover art by Satinka, illustrations by Ayame Emaya, additional illustrations by Satinka and Kamui.
  • El Burrito de los Muertos: contemporary gay erotica by André Blaireau. Jesse Krolik, the 'licensed sex-maniac' hare from Everybody Loves Luther, has grown up and is now a social worker in the city of Purgatory, dealing with the fall-out of a supposed youth prostitution ring.
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