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Bad Dog Books new releases at Furry Weekend Atlanta

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Bad Dog Books has released new pocket-sized paperback editions of FANG Volume 1, FANG Volume 2 and FANG Presents: Everybody Loves Luther, which will be available at the FurNation table during Furry Weekend Atlanta. All three books are priced $19.99.FANG Volume 1, first published in September 2005, is a collection of high-quality homoerotica from twelve different authors. Volume 2 continues the gay erotica theme, with a more horror-oriented slant. Everybody Loves Luther is an anthropomorphic gay novel by veteran André "Badger" Blaireau about the budding and problematic romance between an aged college professor and a spry young Dalmatian student.

More information, including submissions information for future volumes of FANG, is available at BDB's books are available at the Bad Dog Bookstore and through the FurNation catalog.


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