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FurNation News!

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For many years there have been several real-time communities devoted to
chatrooms, graphic chats, IRC, mucks, etc. Well, we have finally put our
plans together and have opened one of our own!

Introducing FurNation Worlds! A real-time 3D game system that lets you
become the animal of your dreams and walk around, explore, and interact with
other members in the Furry Community! And it's all FREE!Fox News did a broadcast this last weekend and showed some furs from our 3D
world on their broadcast devoted to new gaming systems. Come join in the
fun! It's the newest wave in Internet chat systems, and one of the closest
ways ever to experience the life of a real anthropomorphic character!

Just visit the main FurNation Website homepage for more information and some
cool screenshots, or click the direct link below:

A World Beyond Imagination!


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