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Upcoming furry comics for April 2006 (Diamond Previews only)

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Doodles had a run-in with the flu so I'm doing the whole thing this
month. Comics are 32-page, full-color, floppies except as noted. I have
no information on Marvel Comics furries (unlikely) or Genus #77; anyone
who does, please post.

FEB060061D3 Usagi Yojimbo #93 b&w, 24pg $2.99
Stan Sakai shows us the formal tea ceremony (chanoyu) as Usagi leaves
Geishu province, and arrangements are being made for Tomoe's marriage
without her knowledge.

FEB060220D1 Man-Bat #1 (of 5) $2.50
Bruce Jones and Mike Huddleston 'present the savage return of Batman's
ultimate mirror image in a mind-bending new 5-issue miniseries! Kirk
Langstrom has long had control of his Man-Bat alter ego, able to keep
the beast and himself out of trouble. But now his control is slipping,
with horrifying consequences for the people around him.'

PAGE 103
FEB060301D1 Scooby Doo #107 $2.25
Ghouls and goblins and a creepy old house, oh my!

FEB060303D1 Looney Tunes #137 $2.25
by Jesse Leon McCann, Earl Kress, & Frank Strom and Leo Batic, Dave
Alvarez, Walter Carzon, Pablo Zamboni, Horacio Ottolini, Mike DeCarlo &
Ruben Torreiro (whew!)
'Bugs has decided Albuquerque's his destiny! But Yosemite Sam has
something to say about that. ["Shoulda turned left, varmint!"] Plus,
Porky's an archaeologist, but Sylvester's only digging up trouble!'

PAGE 156
FEB061783D2 Lions, Tigers & Bears vol 2 #2 $2.99
by Mike Bullock and Jack Lawrence
'With no one to stop them, the evil Valthraax sends his Beasties to
snatch all of the world's children from their beds.' The bastard!

PAGE 157
FEB061784D2 the Looking Glass Wars: Hatter M #3 (of 4) $3.50
by Frank Beddor & Liz Cavalier and Ben Templesmith
'Wracked by guilt and obligation, Royal Bodyguard Hatter Madigan is
plunged into the nightmare realm of Wonderland's bloody coup and the
shocking loss of Princess Alyss in the Pool of Tears.' I don't know if
this is actually furry but we list Espinosa's version (see below) so
maybe Hatter M's sidekick is a genetically engineered lagomorphmorph or

PAGE 208
FEB062797F Atomik Mike #3 $3.50
by Nilson, Cruz, DeGano, & Williams
The simianized Mike continues trying to get his old body back.

PAGE 215
FEB062834E Alice in Wonderland #3 (of 4) $3.50
by Rod Espinosa
The Mad Hatter's here too, since this issue has the tea party.

PAGE 218
FEB062839E Gold Digger vol. 2 #74 $2.99
by Fred Perry
Master Jiet Su Leep's funeral.

FEB062840E Gold Digger Color Remix #4 (of 4) $2.99
by Fred Perry
The colorization of the first Gold Digger miniseries is complete, 15
years later.

PAGE 218
FEB062842E Ninja High School #138 b&w $2.99
by Ben Dunn
'Bakuretsu Ball is a gleeful fusion of ninjutsu, kung fu, classic
sports, and armadillos.' Not popular, being too chaotic to bet on.

PAGE 220
FEB062849F Mouse Guard #2 24pg $3.50
by David Petersen.
From the publisher of Artesia. Clouds seem to be gathering over the
mouse territories.

PAGE 222
FEB062861E Sonic the Hedgehog #161 $2.25
by Ian Flynn & Tracy Yardley
'"Birthday Bash Part Two": Continuing the chaos begun last issue,
Sonic's fifteenth anniversary year... and his birthday party... kick
into hyperdrive!'

FEB062862E Sonic X #8 $2.25
by Various
'A rousing adventure that takes Sonic and friends off to far away lands!
The World's Fair in Paris hosts the unveiling of the New Thorndyke
Industries space shuttle, and you don't think a little detail like that
would escape the eye of Eggman, do you?' Where (and when) is this
happening, anyway?

PAGE 236
FEB062907F Banana Tails Tales & Activities One Shot #1 $4.95
by Mark McKenna, Fabian Nicieza, & Kevin West
'Here are 32 pages of children's stories and activities that will keep
children busy for hours, featuring that happy little monkey, Banana
Tail, and his friends.' The phrase 'happy little monkey' makes my teeth

PAGE 244
FEB062945I Yakari vol. 3: Beavers 48pg $9.99
by Job & Derib (French author/illustrator)
'Yakari [a young Indian boy] discovers a colony of beavers busy building
their dam. There we find Thousand-mouths, the short-tempered building
site boss; Wooden-Dam, the smiling old wise man; Wooden-Bed, the
sleepyhead; Double-Tooth, the eternally inspired sculptor… and last
but not least Little Linden Tree, a lively kid.'

PAGE 280
FEB063056E Donald Duck and Friends #339 $2.95
by Various
'Carl Barks' classic Donald Duck Adventure, "In Ancient Persia," is the
featured attraction in this month's issue, together with a cover
illustrating the tale by Dutch Master Daan Jippes. [Also a] Beagle Boys
short story, "Payback," by Pat and Shelly Block and Maria Nuñez.'

FEB063057E Mickey Mouse Adventures vol. 9 softcover,7"x10", 128pg
by Massimo Fecchi
'Fan favorites Byron Erickson and Massimo Fecchi bring us "Fatal
Distraction," in which Mickey intervenes in a crime competition between
Pegleg Pete and... Pegleg Pete?! In Dave Rawson's "Soap Dope," Donald
tries his hand at starring in soap operas, and in Andreas Pihl's "Ticket
to Bong," Pete struggles to reform while on an African treasure hunt.'

FEB063058E Mickey Mouse and Friends #288 $2.95
by Various
Donald D. Markstein and Fabrizio Pedrocchi team up to bring you this
month's two-part Mickey adventure, "The Power of the Gods." And Pat and
Carol McGreal and Vicar join forces once again on the much anticipated
sequel to their "Battle Beasties" story, "Battle for the Battle Beasties."

FEB063059E Uncle Scrooge #353 softcover, 7"x10", 64pg $6.95
by Various
Scrooge, Donald and the kids track down a rare painting in the 44-page
German epic, "The Great Paint Robbery." Then Gyro "Builds a Better
House" in the Carl Barks classic of the same name; and Jeff Hamill and
Vicar bring us a modern Scrooge adventure in "Tutu Traumatic."

FEB063060E Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #668 softcover,7"x10",
64pg $6.95
by Various
"Duck in Luck," a 10-page Donald Duck story by Daan Jippes, leads this
issue, followed by Mickey Mouse in "The Robot Wrestling League," by
Donald D. Markstein and Rodriques; a Carl Barks Daisy story; a Romano
Scarpa Li'l Bad Wolf story; and "Moonstruck," part three of the Formula
One series.

PAGE 296
FEB063165E Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #22 b&w $3.25
by Ross May, Scott Cohn, & Parsons

FEB063166E Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #27 b&w $2.95
by Peter Laird, Jim Lawson, & Eric Talbot

PAGE 308
FEB063216F Furrlough #159 b&w $3.50
by Various
Espionage espionage in "Ace and Queenie" by Rusty Haller, humorous
high-fantasy adventure in "Dragon Quest" by Greg Older and Style Wager,
medieval romance and intrigue in "Ebin and May" by Christina Hanson, and
a painted cover by Heather Bruton.

FEB063217F Genus #77 $3.50

PAGE 310
FEB063233F Shanda the Panda #45 b&w, 48pg $4.99
by Curtis, Corbett, & Wheeler
Hurricane Katrina has its impact on the cast of Shanda, since Richard is
from that area. MATURE THEMES

PAGE 310
FEB063235F Monkey vs. Lemur: Crisis with Infinite Critters #1
7"x10", 40pg $3.95
by Lillie-Paetz, Wickline, Benjamin, Moreno, & Rodriguez
'The ultimate battle for primate supremacy continues this spring with a
new zany and absurd collection of tales filled with platypi ninjas,
lemur lycanthropy, a crisis with infinite critters, Egyptian curses, and
hot rods.'


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