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Upcoming furry comics for May 2006 (Diamond Previews only)

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Doodles wrote to on Sat, 4 Mar 2006:

< February.

Things start to heat up as the publishers try to get a selection of big
items ready for convention season. Equally important, May 6th is Free Comic
Book Day, and there's all kinds of fun freebies from Gladstone, Tokyopop,
Top Shelf and Fantagraphics that are likely to be of interest to this bunch.
There's some particularly good stuff in the pay section too, so pay

pg 30
What's Michael? Vol. 11 - $9.95
The final volume of Makoto Kobayashi's classic series arrives this month,
culminating in the epic "Planet of the Cats." Care to guess what it sends
up? Go on, you can do it...

pg 96
Looney Tunes #138 - $2.25
Bugs and Daffy battle it out in stock cars, and with luck crap all over Dale
Earnhardt's grave.

Scooby-Doo #108 - $2.25
Scooby ends up cloned, thus reinforcing President Bush's arguments about
scientific experimentation. I mean, would YOU want to be responsible for
creating a second one?

pg 156
Liberty Meadows #37 - $2.99

pg 157
Lions, Tigers & Bears Vol. 2 #3 - $2.99

pg 204
Stinz: Tribals - $5.95
In this book, Donna Barr wraps up the long-running story of the Bavarian
half-horse and his family. It includes work from many artists, including
Roberta Gregory and carla Speed McNeil.

pg 216
Bear Vol. 2 TP: Demons - $14.95
The second volume collects issues 6-10, and includes plenty of extra madness
starring Bear and the gang. Buy it or else Looshkin will come and show you
his collection of dead animals.

pg 222
Alice in Wonderland #4 - $3.50

Gold Digger #75 - $2.99

Gold Digger: Throne of Shadows #1 - $2.99

Gold Digger Swimsuit Special 2006 - $4.50

pg 223
Ninja High School #139 - $2.99

(Not listed in main catalog)
Blue Grind One-Shot - $4.95
ADULTS ONLY Another collection of Richard Moore's crazy erotic fantasies,
including what _really_ happened to Dorothy in Oz. There goes your
childhood. =};-3

pg 250
Theodore Suess Geisel Early Works Vol. 1 - $22.95
This book collects works from Dr. Seuss before he was Dr. Seuss, and
includes political cartoons and advertisements done before creating his
children's books.

pg 279
Gorilla Gorilla Vol. 1 GN - $4.99
A collection of Art Baltazar's (Patrick the Wolf Boy) series from "Disney
Adventures" magazine.

Lilo and Stitch Vol. 1 GN - $4.99
A collection of comics from "Disney Adventures" magazine.

pg 284
Castle Waiting HC - $29.95
At long last, Linda Medley's wonderful series is being collected in a single
volume, and the final part of the story will at last be told. This comic
started with that simple question: Just what _does_ happen to the average
folks when the hero & heroine live happily ever after? I cannot reccomend
this work highly enough, and at 472 pages, it's cheap at twice the price.
Do yourself a favor and get this one.

Krazy and Ignatz 1937-1938 -$19.95
The second volume of this collection in color. It's "Krazy Kat," guys. one
of the finest comics ever. Give it a shot.

Pink Sniper GN - $18.95
ADULTS ONLY This book by Kengo Yonekura tells the tale of medical student
Niiba and what happens when he comes under the influence of the sexy goddess
of the school, Haruana. And their adventures include all sorts of things,
such as animal people (that's us, gang!), sci-fi flying vehicles, and
Haruana's breasts. A lot of her breasts...

pg 287

Carl Barks' Greatest Ducktales Stories Vol. 1 - $10.95

Donald Duck and Friends #340 - $2.95

Donald Duck Adventures Vol 18 TP - $7.95

pg 290
Mickey Mouse and Friends #289 - $2.95

Uncle Scrooge #354 - $6.95

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #669 - #6.95

Walt Disney's Vacation Parade #3 - $8.95

pg 306
Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #23 - $3.25

Revolution on The Planet of The Apes #5 - $3.98
Monkeys throw poo, you know.

pg 310
Sizzle #30 - $5.95
ADULTS ONLY This issue continues the final section of "Omaha the Cat
Dancer." The rest of it seems to be devoted to she-male porn. And some
nice stuff by Richard Moore.

pg 315
Furrlough #160 - $3.50
More "Ace and Queenie," more "Ebin and May," and selected shorts by Shon
Howell and Brian Sutton.

pg 318
Furry Ninja High School Quagville One-Shot - $4.99

pg 344
Cry Yourself to Sleep GN - $7.00
This book by Jeremy Taylor covers the dissappointments of early adulthood as
it follows the lives of three uniqur characters: Andy, an aspiring novelist
dealing with rejection; The Robot, a machine that just wants to be a better
man; and Andy, a minimum wage rabbit trying to make the rent. A poignant
tale, and one worth looking into.

That's all we have this month. See you in 30!>>

I went and replied on Mon, 13 Mar 2006 00:01:45 GMT:

< color floppies he didn't cover, and at least three of those he chose to

MAR060284D1 Man-Bat #2 (of 5) $2.99
Written by Bruce Jones
Art and cover by Mike Huddleston
'Kirk Langstrom, a.k.a. Man-Bat, finds himself more alone than ever
before. With blood on his hands and Gotham City's authorities after him,
Langstrom must flee!' As long as there's no blood on his fangs it'll
turn out OK.

PAGE 225
MAR062967E 1 Sonic the Hedgehog #162 $2.25
MAR062968E 1 Sonic the Hedgehog #163 $2.25
by Ian Flynn & James Fry
'Darkest Storm', parts 1-2. Mammoth Mogul and Ixis Naugus return.

MAR062969E 1 Sonic X #9 $2.25
by Joe Edkin, Tim Smith, & Al Milgrom
'Eggman ups the ante in his quest to pilfer the Thorndyke space shuttle
by unleashing a gigantic spider robot at the World's Fair! . . . It's
action and intrigue in the hit "Sonic X" animated series style!' Ah, so
there's a new animated series out, presumably ignoring the whole setting
of the old series. A bit more comprehensible now.

Incidentally, I recently got my March order, including Mouse Guard #1
from Archaia Studios. Nice-looking series with minimally
anthropomorphized (but bipedal and metalworking) mice. Worth a look.>>

But I was provoked, I tell you!


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