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Upcoming furry comics for June (Diamond Previews only)

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Doodles couldn't make it this month, something about a brother's wedding. The slacker. So you'll have to settle for me. Black and white floppies unless otherwise stated.

APR060029D3 Usagi Yojimbo #94 24pg, color $2.99
by Stan Sakai
Usagi runs into the Koroshi League of Assassins, including Saiko, the beautiful young murderer with a gurdge going back to #75.

APR060028S3 Usagi Yojimbo Vol 20: Glimpses of Death limited edition hc w/dj, 6"x9", 184pg, $59.95
APR060027V3 Usagi Yojimbo Vol 20: Glimpses of Death tp, 6"x9", 184pg $15.95
Rather than a continuing narrative, this collection is a series of standalone issues including old friends like Inspector Ishida, Gen, Tomoe, and Sanshobo, not to mention a Japanese Leonardo da Vinci.

APR060256D1 Scooby Doo #109 32 pg, color $2.25

APR060253D1 Looney Tunes #139 32 pg, color $2.25
by eight different people
'Porky Pig be in a tight bind when dealing with two scalawags--Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam! Plus, when Charlie Dog comes a-knocking, Gossamer finds himself demoted!' I could almost want to see that just for Gossamer.

PAGE 224
APR062881E Little Scrowlie #14 24pg $2.95
by Todd Meister & Jennifer Feinberg
Scrowlie and friends have arrived at Vegas and do stuff.

PAGE 228
APR062911E Gold Digger: Tangent #1 32 pg, color $2.99
by Fred Perry
'Fred Perry's online extravaganza is now collected in print for the first time! Enjoy the tribulations of Ayane "Mistress" Anno, the gorgeous-but-frightening champion freestyle fighter, in her search to add a little cuteness to her life. Plus, the ongoing adventures of the Northern Edge Guard as they face the problems accompanying new recruits, evil death-wabbits, and more!'

APR062912E Gold Digger: Throne of Shadows #2 (of 4) 32 pg, color $2.99
by Fred Perry & Craig Babiar
'Lydia, Moisha, and Romeo regroup on their new yacht to figure out what to do about the people out to kill Lydia. It looks like the were-rat throne--and the reins of the criminal underworld--will be up for grabs.'

APR062913E Gold Digger Perfect Memory #5 72pg, color $5.95
'This volume covers Gold Digger color issues #51-75, delving into the intricate plot of were-rat elder Gothwrain, the emerging mysteries of Gina's ancient self, the devilish details of the pirate-ninja leprechauns, and so much more!'

APR062915E Ninja High School #140 32pg $2.99 $ 2.09
by Robby Bevard & Ben Dunn
'P-chan seems like a nice girl, very cute and shy, but so clingy that she tends to stick to other living beings almost permanently.' She's a 'bee girl'--how literally are we to take that?

PAGE 232
APR062928F MOUSE GUARD #3 8"x8", 24pg, color $3.50
by David Petersen
'Hoping to end their suspicion that Lockhaven's secrets are being sold, Saxon, Kenzie, and Lieam arrive at the gates of the grain peddler's destination, Barkstone.' I got #1 last month and thought it was pretty good; decent story, attractive realistic-for-anthro drawing.

PAGE 233
APR062941E Sonic X #10 32pg, color $2.25
by Joe Edkin & Tracy Yardley
"No Thanks for the Memories Part 1 of 2": For Sonic's 15th anniversary the evil Eggman (any relation to Dr. Robotnik?) has trapped Sonic and friends and forced them to battle Sonic's most dangerous adversaries from his early video game adventures. Boop boop beep.

APR062942E Sonic the Hedgehog #164 32pg, color $2.25
"Darkest Storm Part 3 of 3": 'The most shocking story development since Sonic's #50's death of Princess Sally!' Well, at least they didn't say his life would be changed forever.

PAGE 245
APR063014H Flight #3 tp, 6"x9", 352pg $24.95
edited by Kazu Kibuishi
The first two volumes, from Image, were two of the best anthologies I've seen, so I ordered this sight unseen. It's not furry per se, but a whole lot of the stories in #1 and #2 qualified, and preview images on suggest that this will continue to be true. Recommended.

PAGE 293
APR063169E Donald Duck and Friends #341 32pg, color $2.95
by Carl Barks & Michael T. Gilbert
'Uncle Eider sends Donald "Farragut the Falcon", and it's not long before the feathers fly in Carl Barks' famed 1944 falconry epic! Then fan-favorites Michael T. Gilbert (Mr. Monster) [and, more furrily, The Wraith] and Paco Rodriguez spin an all-new tale of Duck magic and mayhem when Donald becomes a powerful, but "Careless Genie". Finally, Goofy joins the ranks of Sea-Monkey owners in Stefan Petrucha's "Monkey See, Monkey Do".'

APR063170E Mickey Mouse and Friends #290 32pg, color $2.95
by Romano Scarpa and Mårdøn Smet
Two stories.

APR063171E Mickey Mouse Adventures #10 tp, 128pg, color $7.95
by Massimo Fecchi, John Blair Moore, Romano Scarpa, Bruno Sarda
'Mickey and Donald star in "Let The Farce Be With You," a hilarious Star Wars spoof by Pat and Carol McGreal and Massimo Fecchi.' And three other stories, two without Mickey. False advertising, I calls it.

APR063172E Uncle Scrooge #355 tp, 64pg, color $6.95
by Carl Barks, Daan Jippes, Kari Korhonen, and Tomas Kolodziejczak
'In a much-requested Carl Barks classic, Scrooge takes a sea voyage for his health… only to be imperiled by the Beagle Boys and "The Mysterious Stone Ray!"' Ooh, I remember that one. Also three other stories.

APR063173E Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #670 tp, 64pg, color $6.95
by Daan Jippes, Fred Milton, Floyd Gottfredson, & Stefan Petrucha, Carl Buettner, etc.
Five stories, including Floyd Gottfredson's 1941 "Love Trouble!" with Mickey.

PAGE 310
APR063261E Tales of Leonardo: Blind Sight #1 (of 4) 32pg $3.25
'This mini-series picks up immediately after the events of Tales of the TMNT #5! Blinded and depressed, Leonardo seeks to take a break on the rooftops of New York.' But pretty soon there's a face-off between the Turtles and the NYPD, and we all know that's bad for your health.

APR063262E Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #24 32pg $3.25
by Murphy & Mike Hawthorne
'Construction workers digging deep in the bedrock beneath New York awaken two long-buried robots! But when both the NYPD and the National Guard fail to stop the robots' rampage, it's left to Raphael and Michelangelo to try to save the city!' More exclamation points! than you can shake a stick at!

PAGE 312
APR063263E Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #28 24pg $2.95
by Peter Laird, Jim Lawson, & Eric Talbot
‘Mysterious disappearances and deadly reappearances... and Michelangelo makes new friends!’

PAGE 314
APR063273F Bluff #3 (of 3) 32pg, color $3.49
by Giovanni Masi & Yoshiko Watanabe
'The behavior of the Porter family has Bluff scratching his head, and not just because his buddy Flea is on it.' They're wiping out their lotto winnings dangerously fast. Disaster looms unless Bluff can rescue them.

PAGE 321
APR063312F Furrlough #161 32pg $3.50
'[E]spionage in "Ace and Queenie" by Rusty Haller, plus the next chapter in the epic romantic fantasy by Christina Hanson, "Ebin and May". Also, fantasy adventure in "Dragon Quest" by Style Wager and Greg Older. Cover by Ursula Husted and Phil Morrissey.' I particularly like 'Dragon Quest' and a Morrissey cover is always a great thing

APR063314F Genus #78 32pg $3.50

PAGE 322
APR063332F Katmandu #34 40 pg $4.99
by Carole Curtis, Sanny Folkesson, & George Chastain
Acting chief Liska faces the greatest challenge of her life as she takes her tribe to a new land. Forced by circumstances to abandon their normal campsite, Liska and her Native American cats relocate to the deep woods, where Liska battles The Forest Witch, a foe unlike any other she has ever faced! Guest artist Sanny Folkesson makes his Katmandu debut on a Carole Curtis script, while the cover is by noted furry pulp artist George Chastain. Plus, lots more looks at your favorite adventuresome felines!

PAGE 322
APR063334F Furious Fist of the Drunken Monkey: Origin of Species #1 (of 3) 24pg, color $2.95
by Rich Stahnke
'Chip, accompanied by his toad buddy Al, is about to find himself in one of his most difficult battles as he uncovers unknown truths about everyone close to him and secrets from his own past.' See for a five-page preview.

PAGE 344
APR063390E Sgt. Frog #11 sc, 5"x7.5" (12.5x19cm) 184pg $9.99
by Mine Yoshizaki
Garuru, Girororo, Keroro, and Fuyuki (what kind of a frog name is that?) in a struggle that could determine the fate of the earth but nonetheless looks silly.

PAGE 352
APR063418H Grease Monkey sc, 6"x9", 352pg $27.95
by Tim Eldred
Caught in the crossfire of an interstellar war, Earth was nearly destroyed. Luckily, the mysterious alien Benefactors "fixed" it--and offered to "uplift" the planet's gorillas. First comic I know of from Tor. Takes off from Eldred's series from Kitchen Sink (1995) and Image (1998). Both only made it to #2 and they may contain the same material (I only have the former), so most of this is new. What I've seen is good.
Hey, maybe some day Tor'll do Kitchen Sink's Alien Fire, potentially the best SF comic ever, which died at #3 (and came back weaker in a few stories for Tundra).


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