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Thanks from ANTHRO!

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Greetings from Quentin 'Cubist' Long!

I just checked the 2006 Recommended Anthropomorphics list and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that ANTHRO is now up there *in triplicate*!

In the FANZINE category: ANTHRO itself.
And twice in the SHORT FICTION category: HELPING HANDS, by Equestrian Horse Wrangler, from ANTHRO #5, and FULL IMMERSION, by Phil Geusz, from ANTHRO #4.

Whoever made these nominations to the RAL, thank you!And since I have your attention, I hope I can be forgiven for bringing up a bit of a tawdry mercenary topic. See, ANTHRO #s 1 thru 5 add up to a bit over 440,000 words of stories and articles and so on; at a pay rate of 1 cent per word, that would add up to more than $4,400. And that's *before* you get into the art and webcomics...

Alas, I don't *have* thousands of dollars of disposable cash lying around. In all honesty, I can't *afford* to pay ANTHRO's contributors out of my own pocket -- which is where you, ANTHRO's readers, come in. If you're feeling purely generous, you can click on the SUBSCRIBE and/or DONATE buttons at the top of the zine-window, give whatever amount of cash you like, and know that you have ANTHRO's undying gratitude. On t'other hand, if you like your acts of charity to yield rather more concrete results, that's why we've got ART, BOOKS, and T-SHIRTS buttons at the left end of the zine-window's bottom edge. Buy something for your wall, or library, or wardrobe, and ANTHRO gets a cut of the purchase price!

If any of this sounds good... you know what to do, right?


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