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Upcoming furry comics for October (Previews only)

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Doodles? We don't need no stinkin' Doodles! Though I must say I’d be happier if I could do one of my semi-usual supplements. Come back, Doodles! All is forgiven! We buried the evidence.

AUG060237D1 Krypto the Super Dog #2 (of 6) 32pg, color $2.25
Written by Jesse Leon McCann, art by Min S. Ku & Jeff Albrecht
Krisis as Krypto and Kevin are driven to different dimensions! Aie!

AUG060240D1 Looney Tunes #143 32pg, color $2.25
by various
Marvin and Taz, Sylvester and Gossamer.

AUG060241D1 Scooby-Doo #113 32pg, color $2.25
by various
Three stories in a 'spook-tacular Halloween issue'.

PAGE 152
AUG061766D2 Elephantmen #4 32pg, color $2.99
Story by Richard Starkings, art by Moritat
'As Hip Flask and Ebony Hide recover from their injuries, Miki stops by with a bunch of grapes and learns about Tusk and the torturous world of MAPPO.'

PAGE 219
AUG062923F Zein #6 24pg, color $2.95
Doodles says it's got Anubis, and this solicitation says it has She-Bat, so there you are.

PAGE 213
AUG062929F Yenny #8 24pg, color $3.50
by David Alvarez
The story was apparently so boring this time that the solicitation just reminds us that Yenny is 22, has huge feet, and lives in Puerto Rico with (inter alia) her iguana sidekick Zacha.

PAGE 223
AUG062945E Little Scrowlie #15 24pg, B&W $2.95
by Todd Meister & Jennifer Feinberg
'In the final chapter in the Saga of Little Scrowlie, old villains return, current villains are vanquished, and Moloch is restored to his rightful throne. Plus, Scrowlie and Alabaster must seriously ponder the age-old question between cats and their owners: if I were bigger, would I eat you?'

PAGES 225, 228
AUG062975E Gold Digger #78 32pg, color $2.99
by Fred Perry
Gina has a plan to rescue Britanny from Quasi-space, but to test it she needs to buy some plutonium on the black market.

AUG062977E Gold Digger Halloween Special 2006 32pg, color $2.99
by various
Including a Fred Perry story.

AUG062987E Ninja High School #143 32pg, color $2.99
by Robby Bevard & Ben Dunn
Vampires and young ninjas. Where's the fur, awready?

PAGE 232
AUG063011F Mouse Guard #5 (of 6) 32pg, color $3.50
by David Petersen
The soldiers of the Axe are marching on Lockhaven and three of the Mouse Guard are trying to catch up and head off the attack.

PAGE 241
AUG063029E Sonic the Hedgehog #168 32pg, color $2.25
by Ian Flynn & Tracy Yardley
'A new and deadly evil lurks in the darkness, prepared to strike Sonic and destroy the entire planet. This latest menace proves to be one of Sonic's deadliest villains ever.' Unlike all those other wussy planet-destroyers.

JUL062892E Sonic X #13 32pg, color 32pg, color $2.25
by Joe Edkin & David Hutchison
Tails and Sonic are trapped in jail while King Boom Boo rampages outside.

PAGE 261
AUG063161H Flying Starts vol. 2 (of 5) sc, 9"x6", color $12.90
AUG063162H Lifer vol. 2 (of 5, not 4 as stated last time) sc, 9"x6", color $12.90
by Arkás
See last month's posts for more on these comic strip collections by a Greek cartoonist. For samples see and MATURE THEMES

PAGE 286
AUG063270H Moomin: The Complete Tove Jansson Comic Strip vol. 1 hc, 9"x12", 96pg, B&W $19.95
by Tove Jansson
Jansson's self-illustrated stories for children aren't exactly furry--the Moomintrolls, the Fillyjonk, the Hattnifatteners and other characters aren't human, exactly, but they're not any identifiable animals either. I'd say they *feel* furry, so I include the book.
'This is the enchanting comic strip that introduced adult readers to the wonderful world of Moomin. . . . The Moomins saw life in many forms but debuted to their biggest audience ever on the pages of world's largest newspaper, the *London Evening News*, in 1954. The strip was syndicated in newspapers around the world with millions of readers in 40 countries. Moomin: Volume 1 is the first volume of Drawn & Quarterly's publishing plan to reprint the entire strip drawn by Jansson before she handed over the reins to her brother Lars in 1960.'

PAGE 290
AUG063299F Premillennial Maakies: The First Five Years hc, 12"x5", 256pg, B&W $24.95 by Tony Millionaire
'Tony Millionaire's Maakies is one of the best and most popular weekly comic strips in America, running in over a dozen of the largest U.S. weekly newspapers including the Village Voice, L.A Weekly and Seattle's The Stranger. The strip is currently being developed for the Cartoon Network's popular Adult Swim. . . . Premillenial Maakies is a newly designed edition of the long out-of-print first Maakies collection, featuring the first five years of the strip, re-formatted in a beautiful, deluxe, landscape hardcover format that complements the strip's elegant and classical style.'

PAGES 291, 292
AUG063310E Donald Duck and Friends #345 32pg, color $2.95
by Carl Barks, Daniel Branca, Jedd Hamill and Stefan Petrucha

AUG063311E Mickey Mouse Adventures #12 sc, 7"x10", 128pg, color $7.95
by Erickson, Figus, Meikle, Gray, Cavazzano & Fecchi

AUG063312E Mickey Mouse and Friends #294 32pg, color $2.95
by Cecil Beard & Paul Murry

AUG063313E Uncle Scrooge #359 64pg, color $6.95
by Rosa, Barks, Jensen, Scarpa, Heymans & McGreal

AUG063314E Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #674 64pg, color $6.95
by Daan Jippes, Don Markstein, Cesar Ferioli, Gil Turner, McGreal & Vicar

PAGE 318
AUG063448F Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: the Collected Books vol. 1 DONATELLO TP #1 sc, 7"x10", 144pg, B&W $12.00
by Murphy, Brizuela, D'Israeli, Jourdan, Rice and Barta
'"Tales Told By Donatello": The first volume in Mirage's new quarterly trade paperback series collecting stories from Tales of the TMNT. This volume reprints issues 1, 10, 16, 18 and 26, all thematically linked via Donatello's point-of-view.'

PAGE 318
AUG063449F Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #28 32pg, color $3.25
by Murphy & Steve Rolston
'Raphael and Cha Ocho have a few beers together, talk about Leo, and get slipped a Mickey Finn.' And shanghaied.

AUG063450F Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #30 32pg, color $2.95
by Peter Laird & Jim Lawson
'Casey Jones wakes up to a surprise, Michelangelo meets the Triceraton Council, Donatello and Raphael track a bloodsucker and Leonardo signs up to compete!'

PAGE 321
AUG063464F the Complete Omaha the Cat Dancer vol. 5 sc, 8"x11", 128pg, B&W $12.95
by Reed Waller & Kate Worley
Collects #14-#17 of what is probably the best X-rated furry comic ever. ADULT MATERIAL

PAGE 323
AUG063481F Comic Strip vol. 1: Scarybear & Friends sc, 9"x6", 136pg, B&W $14.95
by Jason Pultz
'A collection of weekly strips from the past 5 years online, Comic Strip is an offbeat look at the world through the eyes of a vulgar cowboy, a naïve bear and an evil computer. From cute to crass, Comic Strip is crisply drawn, consistently witty and always amusing.' See for the originals, with immense quantities of panel-to-panel copying. MATURE THEMES

PAGE 331
AUG063510F Furrlough #165 32pg, color $3.50
by various
New chapters in two good ongoing series: 'Dragon Quest', by Greg Older and Style Wager; and 'Ebin and May' by Cristina Hanson and Ed Garcia.

AUG063511F Black Cats: Never Lucky 48pg, color $5.99
by Shon Howell & Milk
A comic on the theme of Victorian loligoths, partially but maybe not wholly furry. Reportedly includes three stories along with the pinups: Elin Winkler's 'Nine Weeks at Breakwind' about the naughty hijinx at a Victorian health spa; a steampunk adventure called 'The Wondrous Age' about a gal trying to carry on her dead father's supervillain legacy; and 'Haurgh House', a parody of gothic romance novels.

AUG063512F Genus #80 32pg, color $3.50
by various
'More pulp-style naughty adventures with ReDaDillio's "Lenny Elkhound" and erotic shorts by Shon Howell, Brian Sutton, DAQ, Joe Rosales, Sara M. Williams and more.' ADULT MATERIAL

PAGE 333
AUG063527F Shanda the Panda #46 40 pg, B&W $4.99
by Curtis, Maranda, Clark, Loomis, & Crusoe
'Shanda's assistant manager Sissy takes center stage in this issue's lead story "Dogfight".' Also Dennis Clark and RC Blackfeather with 'Nikki Collars', and Jon Crusoe and Jerry Loomis with 'Medics.' MATURE THEMES

AUG063528F Giant Shanda Animal #11 40 pg, B&W $4.99
by Curtis, Chastain, Maranda, Loomis, Howard, & Yelverton
'This year, there's another adventure of Teenage Quinn, Yoyo is finding fun at her new job, there's a look far into Shanda's future, and even a spoof of Doctor Who!' MATURE THEMES

PAGE 336
AUG063565H Wallace & Gromit Magazine #15 magazine, 52pg, color $5.99
by various


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