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Califur's Registration is now open.

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FENEC Adventures is pleased to announce, that Califur has opened is Registration for 2007, This year our Theme is Furry Villains, our Guests of Honor this year are Artist Balaa, and Musician Marc Gunn.

This year at Califur, we are bringing back some popular events, such as,

*Pet Auction
Califur once again brings back a classic CF tradition!

*Le Cabaret Fur Le Dance
A sexy Southern California original, we are proud to feature the return of many talented perfomers. However, we always welcome newcomers to help take this great event to new heights.

And, Mission Furpossible, After last year's exciting treasure hunt, we wanted to try something new and adventurous. This time, your mission is to thwart a diabolical villain and become a hero!.

For more information please visit our website,

Registration Information.
Attending Memberships.
* $35 - Attending membership (until Jan. 27, 2007)
* $40 - Attending membership (after Jan. 27, 2007)
* $45 - Attending membership (purchased during the convention)
* $60 - Sponsor
* $120 - Patron
Non-Attending Memberships.
* $15 - Supporting membership (non-attending)
* $20 - Upgrade to attending membership

The Specific Link to Registration is


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