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2013 Ursa Major Awards nominations open

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Ursa Major Awards Nominations for the 2013 Ursa Major Awards are now open. The awards, voted upon in 2014, celebrate the best anthropomorphic literature and art first published during the previous calendar year.

The awards are selected by a two-stage process of nominating and voting. Members of the public send in up to five nominations in each of the eleven categories. The top five nominees in each category (more in case of a tie) are then presented on a final ballot for a public vote.

The eleven categories are: Motion Picture, Dramatic Short Work or Series, Novel, Short Fiction, Other Literary Work, Graphic Novel, Comic Strip, Magazine, Published Illustration, Website, and Game.

Many nominations are likely to come from the 2013 Recommended Anthropomorphic Reading List, which has been built up through prior recommendations. However, inclusion on the List is not necessary for nomination if a work is otherwise eligible.

Nominations take place between January 16 (the first day of Further Confusion 2014) and February 28. The nominations will be tallied between March 1 and March 14. The final ballot will be announced on March 15, and voting will take place until April 30. All those who send in nominations will be registered as eligible to vote on the final ballot. Those who did not nominate but wish to vote on the final ballot may register to do so.

The voting will be counted, the winners’ trophies prepared, and the results will be announced at the UMA awards presentation at a ceremony at CaliFur X, on May 30 to June 1 at the Irvine Marriott Hotel, Irvine, California.

The Ursa Major Awards are administered by the Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Association (ALAA). For information, and to nominate and vote, go to


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Has Kyell Gold excused himself from the 2013 awards, as he did last year? Or can his works again be nominated?

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No, he has not, but we will have to ask him whether his withdrawal was just for 2012 or whether he meant it for permanently.

Fred Patten

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If memory serves, it was not permanent but it was for more than one year, I think between three and five. I'm not sure of the exact number without digging through a bunch of his past journals on FA or wherever.

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I have sent Kyell an e-mail to ask him.

Fred Patten

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