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November furry comics for January (Previews only)

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Doodles has gone commando, so I'll be doing the list again this month. Sorry about lateness.

Incommunicado, I meant. Incommunicado.

PAGES 18, 26
NOV060011D3 Usagi Yojimbo #100 32 pg, b&w $3.50
By various
The centissual is structured as a roast by Frank Miller, Jeff Smith, and many more.

NOV060020D3 Sock Monkey: The Inches Incident #3 24 pg, b&w $2.99
by Tony Millionaire
The Sock Monkey and Mr. Crow are at sea on a floating piano and Inches is after them. Another Millionaire sea battle is in store.

NOV060253D1 Krypto the Super Dog #5 (of 6) 32pg, color $2.25
Written by Jesse Leon McCann, art by Min S. Ku & Jeff Albrecht
'Krypto discovers he's not the Last Pup of Krypton after all!' Maybe orange kryptonite can take care of that.

NOV060256D1 Looney Tunes #146 32pg, color $2.25
by various
'Yosemite Sam and Daffy both want all the goldmines to themselves!' Ooh, that never works.

NOV060257D1 Scooby-Doo #115 32pg, color $2.25
'Yeti Spaghetti' and 'Mystery on the Alaska Express'.

PAGES 147, 152
NOV061859D2 Hip Flask: Concrete Jungle hc, 96pg, color $29.99
Story by Richard Starkings & Joe Casey, art & cover by Ladrönn
The second Hip Flask harcover, collecting Hip Flask: Elephantmen and Hip Flask: Mystery City along with a Ladrönn gallery.

NOV061868D2 Elephantmen #6 32pg, color $2.99
Stories by Richard Starkings, art by various
Two stories.

PAGE 213
NOV063228F Zein #9 24pg, color $2.95
'A mummified being, calling itself Sobek (the Crocodile God), appears in Origin City commanding the thousands of crocodiles in the city to attack the citizens. Zein must save the people from the reptile hordes and the city from their supernatural master.' I don't think I'll list this one any more. crocodile god or not.

PAGS 217, 220
NOV063274E Gold Digger #81 32pg, color $2.99
by Fred Perry
Brianna's defending Gina on plutonium-stealing charges. The ABA is not pleased.

NOV063275E Gold Digger 15 Year Anniversary Special #2 48pg, color $4.95
by Fred Perry & various
'By popular demand, this incredible index to the world of Gold Digger continues, laying
out all the plots, sub-plots, major battles, and love interests!' This differs from the Sourcebook how?
48pgs, FC SRP: $4.95

NOV063276E The Gold Digger Sourcebook: The Official Handbook to the Gold Digger Universe #2 32pg, color $3.95
by Fred Perry & Doug Dlin
The handbook moves into the Bs. It's gonna be bigger than Marvel's before it's done.

NOV063280E Ninja High School #145 32pg, color $2.99
by Robby Bevard & Ben Dunn
Nothing furry to see here. Move along, move along.

PAGE 223
NOV063305E Sonic the Hedgehog #171 32pg, color $2.25
by various
Two stories.

NOV063306E Sonic X #16 32pg, color $2.25
by various
One story.

PAGE 252
NOV063485F Free Collars Kingdom v. 1 (of 3) sc, 5"x7", 240pg, b&w $10.95
by Takuya Fujima
'The first book of a new three-volume Del Rey Manga series, featuring Cyan, an abandoned catboy who's befriended by the cool gang of stray cats known as the Free Collars.' First new furry manga I've seen in a good while. MATURE THEMES

PAGE 261
NOV063513E Patrick the Wolf Boy vol. III digest, 144pg, b&w $10.99
by Art Baltazar & Franco Aureliani
'This volume collects Patrick's Rock-N-Roll Special, Father's Day Special, Happy Birthday Special and over 40 pages of new stuff!' Vol. I, collecting #1 and four more specials, is offered again.

PAGE 275
NOV063580E Donald Duck and Friends #348 32pg, color $3.50
by Barks, Rota, Pat & Carol McGreal

OCT063422E Donald Duck Adventures #22 sc, 7"x10", 128pg, color $8.50
by Michael T. Gilbert, Macan, & Fecchi

NOV063582E Mickey Mouse and Friends #297 32pg, color $3.50
by Kinney, Milton, & Ferioli

NOV063583E Uncle Scrooge #362 sc, 64pg, color $7.50
by Rosa, Scarpa, Jensen, & Rodriguez

OCT063424E Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #677 sc, 64pg, color $7.50
by William Van Horn, Gottfredson, Markstein/Noel Van Horn adventure, & Taliaferro
I see the prices have gone up this month on everything.

PAGE 295
NOV063711F Squarecat Comics: Small, Square, & Sarcastic sc, 6"x9", 136pg, b&w $11.99
by Jennifer Omand
'Squarecat is back! [I didn't know she was missing.] In this new volume of daily diary comic strips, Jennifer Omand continues to chronicle her life using geometric animals as stand-ins for their real life counterparts.'

PAGE 300
NOV063755F Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: the Collected Books vol. 2: Donatello sc, 7"x10", 144pg, b&w $12.00
by Jim Lawson
'Tales of Leonardo: Blind Sight' reprints Tales of the TMNT #5 and all four issues of the Tales of Leonardo.

NOV063756F Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #31 32pg, b&w $3.25
by Johnson, Ponce, & Parsons
Casey Jones's doppelganger appears. I think.

PAGE 304
MU PRESS (, but it looks like it hasn't updated in years)
NOV063776F Dr. Phlogiston's Potpourri of Lascivious Whimsy sc, 96pg, b&w $9.99
by J.W. Kennedy
'The good doctor presents us with a curio cabinet full of furry mystery, magic, and metamorphosis. When the magician Sciurus summons a familiar, little does he know the result will be a nymphomaniac plantgirl! [Two of these stories appeared in Wild!.] Plus, Tegerio and Flitta are in love. Nothing new there, right? Nothing except that she's a mothgirl, and he's a raccoon a hundred times her size! ADULT MATERIAL' I like Kennedy's work; I'm buying this one.

PAGE 313
Catching up this month:
NOV063823F Furrlough #167 32pg, b&w $3.50
'Ebin and May' by Christina Hanson and Ed Garcia, 'Whomper' by Chris Farrington, and 'Treasure Hunters' by Remi Perron; all good stories.

NOV063824F Furrlough #168 32pg, b&w $3.50
Same lineup as in #167.

NOV063826F XXX-Mas #1 48pg, b&w $5.99
by Shon Howell
'It'll be a very merry Christmas with this flirty one-shot featuring Santa's all-girl elf work force!' ADULT MATERIAL

NOV063827F Nefratitties #1 48pg, b&w $5.99
by Shon Howell
'Three modern day Egyptian cultists are in for the ride of their lives when they resurrect what they believe to be an ancient queen! Unfortunately, they've given new life to Nefratitties, temple prostitute and notorious bimbo.' ADULT MATERIAL

NOV063829F Genus #81 32pg, b&w $3.50
ReDaDillio's 'Lenny Elkhound' and selected shorts. ADULT MATERIAL

NOV063830F Genus Male #6 32pg, b&w $3.50
Another chapter of John Barrett's 'Game Boys', and other stuff. ADULT MATERIAL

PAGE 314
NOV063842F Shanda's Bedtime Tails #2 40 pg, b&w $4.99
by various
Porn with Yoyo, Colt, and the Medics. ADULT MATERIAL

PAGE 314
NOV063845F Furious Fist of the Drunken Monkey: Origin of Species #3 (of 3) 24pg, color $2.95
by Rich Stahnke
'Chips confronts the Gene Gnome in his quest to regain his humanity and discover his true origins. Meanwhile, Al, Bunny, and Max fight for their lives against the Gnome's mutant henchmen.' I seem to have missed #2.

NOV063846F Mr. Big sc, 160pg, b&w $9.99
by Carol & Matt Dembicki
'In a watery world where only the strong survive, the denizens of a pond launch a plan to eradicate Mr. Big, a giant snapping turtle that is terrorizing them. Despite a few protests warning of the possible consequences, the animals solicit the support of a murder of crows to carry out the plot. But the scheming crows have their motives to carry out the kill.' All part of the circle of life.

PAGE 314
NOV063849H Wallace & Gromit Magazine #18 magazine, 52pg, color $5.99
by various


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