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December furry comics for February 2007 (Previews only)

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Listen up--I'm only going to explain this once.

On Sat, 09 Dec 2006 12:43:41 -0800, Doodles returned from the dead and sent this to


pg 93
Krypto the Superdog #6 - $2.25
Krypto and the Dog Stars chase a space mailman. You can do the jokes, it's too easy for me.

Looney Tunes #147 - $2.25
Daffy becomes a tortured artist, but keeps getting trumped by Bugs. Let's hope the rabbit doesn't take after Van Gogh.

Scooby-Doo #117 - $2.25
Valentines Day spooks. THAT'S NOT CHOCOLATE!!!

pg 150
Elephantmen #7 - $2.99
"Captain Stoneheart and the Truth Fairy."

pg 213
Gold Digger #82 - $2.99

Gold Digger Sourcebook #3 - $3.95

Ninja High School #147 - $2.99

Ninja High School Vol. 3: Hawaii Pocket Manga TP - $14.95

pg 274
Castle Waiting Vol. II #5 - $3.95
Jain and Sister Peace take a horseback ride, which later causes Jain to reminisce about her past.

pg 278
Uncle Scrooge #363 - $7.50

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories $678 - $7.50

pg 298
Goldie Lynx and a Whole Lotta Bears #1 - $5.00
ADULTS ONLY What if the reason for always running into those bears wasn't for a mess of porridge? Joshua Quagmire answers that question.

pg 304
Soul's Winter: The collected Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of Michael Zuli - $10.00

Tales of the TMNT #32 - $3.25

pg 306
Dungeon Parade Vol. 1: A Dungeon Too Many - $9.95
It's Herbert the Timorous and Marvin the vegetarian dragon on the stalk as they find out the source of a new dungeon taking away all of their business.

Boneyard #24 - $2.95
With Abbey slipped a mickey, it's up to Michael to figure out how to make a good impression to the Illuminary. Naturally, he screws up by relying on Glump and Hildy...

Sizzle #33 - $5.95
ADULTS ONLY - Lots of stuff inside, but the only thing this group cares about is another chapter of "Omaha the Cat Dancer." And as well we should. =};-3

pg 315
1-800-Mice - $5.00
Various strange comics by Michael Thurber.

pg 317
Furrlough #169 - $3.50
"Dragon Quest," "Ace and Queenie," & "Treasure Hunters."

Genus #82 - $3.50
ADULTS ONLY - "Chocolate, Most Cordial" by Howell, Sutton & DAQ, plus selected bits by ReDaDillio, Joe Rosales, and Sara M. Williams. Cover by Yamenenko-Ya.

pg 354
Phoenix Vol. 10 TP - $15.99
A soldier named Harima is punished by being given the face of a wolf, and he soon discovers his fate tied with that of a battle taking place in the 21st Century...

That's all we have this month. See you in 30!>>

Not being one to let a zombie upstage me, I responded on Fri, 15 Dec 2006 03:05:26 GMT:


PAGE 223
NOV063305E Sonic the Hedgehog #172 32pg, color $2.25
by various
Two stories. '[M]ore of Fiona Fox's mysterious past is revealed.' Yeah, she's a fennec.

NOV063306E Sonic X #16 32pg, color $2.25
by various
One story.

PAGE 274
DEC063557F Adventures of Dexter Breakfast #1 32pg, b&w $2.75
by Vernon Smith
'Everyone's favorite wombat cowboy lands in a new town and starts right away on a new adventure. An action/adventure comic for all ages, from kids who want a fun comic to teens and adults who enjoy a good story.' See for cover art and stuff. He looks much less wombatty than Ursula Vernon's Digger, though. (

PAGE 320
DEC063868H Wallace & Gromit Magazine #19 magazine, 52pg, color $5.99
by various
'Cracking good.' Maybe.>>
Always carry a grapefruit, Treesong


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