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New Ernor Comic Information

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From Mprints Publishing: "Currently we are planning the production of our Ernor:
Destiny of Rai title to be released this fall. It will be a
standard 56+ page comic sized one-shot book with an all new
30+ page story, art gallry, and special preview of our Ernor
d20 project."
Read on for more.

We have decided we would like to include
additional contributions to the book by recruiting stories
and art from outside sources. The following guidelines
should give you an idea of what type of material we are
looking for:

We will also have a few pages at the back of the book for
ads. Several folks have expressed an interest in doing ad
swaps with us and so forth so this would be the time to
contact us.

Deadlines for submissions and "camera ready" ads are Monday,
July 30, 2001



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